Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Checklist - Maia's Baptism

Hello Maia,

We have 11 more days to go before we welcome you to the Christian World. To date, here's how far we've gone on the preparations:

Restaurant :: Booked/paid DP
Aling Tonya's Seafood Palutuan
This was really difficult and sort of tiring. I was already bent on booking Congo Grille at MoA but Daddy decided to change venue the last minute. So much for me being the stage mom. I realized Daddy is a lot worse when he gets really inspired on taking his role to heart. I just hope we did make the right decision to switch.

Church :: Booked/paid in Full
This was the most difficult part of the preparation. I did not realize that this Church is a popular one. When we inquired around the first week of Feb we were so shocked to find out that all of March is already booked. It was a bit frustrating. I got really stressed out just trying to nail a date with this Church. But I was glad all our efforts paid off.

Priest :: c/o Wowa Joyce
Booked and relayed to the Church. Grandma's taking care of this.

Baptismal Dress :: Still a work in progress.

I'll try to look for one on Friday.

Souvenirs :: Work In Progress
Guests - We're going shopping this Saturday. Hopefully we get everything done in One Day

Ninongs/Ninangs - c/o Wowa Joyce. It's the first time that Wowa volunteered to do something for an occasion like this. I was really touched by this gesture.

Invites :: c/o Kika Mao
This is finally done and sent. We're just waiting for the RSVPs to come in. About 30% has already confirmed their attendance.

Guestbook :: c/o Kika Mao and Tito Ramboy
Still a work in progress. But I am really hoping to get this done by this weekend so I can have it printed by Tuesday or Wednesday and done by Friday.


So far, so good. I get a little nervous but I'm hoping everything will go as planned. Fact is, I am more excited for this than for my wedding. I'm really hoping this will turn out well for you to look back to in the future.

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