Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shuttle ride musings

These days shuttle rides have become my power nap sessions. Sometimes, I'd be so tired I'd fall asleep as soon as my sweet little butt touches the bus seat. This particular morning however, I decided to take out my iPod and play some music. I wanted that moment to myself and I thought sticking a pair of earphones into my ears would transport me to isolation island and I was successful.

I decided to play Hale today. For some reason, I kept thinking of time spent in Arizona and was missing that feeling of independence that I had while I was there. Hale's Twilight album was our official album during our 6-week stay there. I know the lyrics to all the songs in this album by heart up until now.

Anyways (I do love to digress, dont I), one particular Saturday we gathered all our guts and made the 247 mile drive to Grand Canyon.  We were pretty brave. Even if there were 5 of us...if we stopped and took sometime to rethink the impulsive decision that we made that morning we would have stopped and gone back. We were 5 but then 4 were mere navigators...ONLY 1 really knew how to drive. Nobody knew how to trouble shoot a car on the incidence that it breaks down along the road...haha.

But I'm glad we took the chance. If we did not...I don't think I will ever get to witness the authenticity of nature's magnificence...

This photo below was shot inside the car while we were moving (using an olympus point and shoot camera)...but look at how great it turned out.

More of our Grand Canyon and Sedona adventures here.

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