Monday, March 30, 2009

The Mystery of the Empty Baby Bottle

Hehe funny title. Reminds me of The Nancy Drew books which were staple reads for me and my barkadas way back in Grade School.

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about is Maia’s latest milestone! Yes, another one! Funny thing is – she’s gone through that milestone and we never noticed it. Not until last Sunday when I did some detective work myself..

It all started about two weeks ago actually. My Mom was visiting and it became a habit for her to take Maia out when she wakes up in the morning.

It was then that I started seeing an empty milk bottle lying underneath her pillow. I remember placing a bottle a few hours earlier but could not remember propping it up for her to drink. My initial reaction was to check the bed space where Maia slept earlier. Funny it remained dry when 4 ounces of spilled milk would have soaked it wet. My mom told me Maia probably took the bottle herself and drank it while we were sleeping. But I can’t imagine how she’d be drinking all the milk from her bottle without me propping it up for her. So I told myself I was probably just too sleepy to remember but I did help her with it.

I would have put that mystery to rest already only that the same scene was repeated the following morning and the morning after that. So my mom was resolved that her grandchild has indeed learned to drink her milk on her own. But I wasn't convinced (hehe...ako ang Mommy ako pa ang nagdududa). If it were indeed true, “I would have to see it for myself”…

…so last Sunday…I stayed up to confirm Grandma’s theory and eventually put an end to my dilemma (as if naman it really worries me ano? Hehe). Guess what, Grandma was right! She knew where Mommy puts her bottle! She grabbed it and sucked at it. She did not find a need to cry for Mommy and Daddy's attention anymore! And when I put on the lights, guess what? She had this silly look plastered on her face. Parang sinasabi pa, patayin mo Mommy! Matutulog pa ako! Haha. Saya.

Most days though she is still very lazy to hold her milk bottle. But that does not matter anymore. It just feels great witnessing her grab that milk bottle! My only regret was I only managed to take a picture. Di ko nakakuhanan ng video! Well, maybe next time…:wink:wink…

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