Saturday, August 1, 2009

Farewell Ollie

While we were mourning for the loss of Tita Cory, our dear beloved camera decided to do a major sacrifice and volunteered to be of service to Tita Cory up in heaven.

I was overwhelmed by sadness. I was not ready for this. The sentimental hormones are acting up. I cried when I heard the news on Tita Cory but cried harder when I my camera gave up on me.

Aside from our laptop, our camera was one of the first few possessions we had as a married couple. Sad to say, we never thought of naming it before its demise. Bad, bad camera owners we were.

But seriously, I just felt very sad because this camera was with us all through out the joys and trials that our family encountered. It travelled with usand shared so many unforgettable experiences with us. But I guess, it's high time it took it much needed rest.

Today before we finally bury Ollie (at least we thought of a name before we say our final goodbyes) - I'd like to think of the wonderful memories we've shared with her. She left me with wonderful pictures to remember my travels to Phoenix, the Grand Canyon and LA. She went with us to our

She was with us from day 1 of my pregnancy up to Maia's birth. I think it was probably the overzealous Mommy in me that drove her to her demise. I'd take about 500 or more pictures of Maia every week. It was probably too much to handle for her and I did not even notice. Bad, bad owner.



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