Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mom's letter on your 10th

dearest maia,

mommy is writing this with a big grin on her face. she can't help but recall your lengthy talking stint late last night. you have turned into a really really naughty talkative baby, but in a really really cute way.

mommy went home really late last night and missed our prayer session. this was the first time in ages and she felt guilty she was not able to spend those precious few minutes with you before you're finally tucked to sleep. but i guess you can sense when mommy's feeling really bad, you woke up around midnight and played with her and daddy. i forgot all the problems i encountered during the day. you always never fail put a smile to mommy's heavy heart.

when you were just a few days old, mommy vowed to write to you and recount your milestones every month. but what mommy thought to be a such a mundane thing to do turned out to be something she could only squeeze in on lazy days or crappy days like this one. but it's a good thing baby, that means that recounting your milestones is one of the best therapy mommy could ever have.

so how's our journey so far? in the past weeks, you have mastered the art of 'cruise control'. you easily maneuver your way around our house as long as there's furniture to hold on to. crawling has become second-nature to you and you easily crawl your way through our tiny house. sometimes your leave daddy stricken with awe especially when you'd crawl your way to the door to greet him when he arrives from work. you do that for just a few seconds! 

these days your favorite is our pantry. you like to pull out the groceries and utensils that the cabinet houses. after you pulled something out and realized you did something wrong, you'd laugh as if to melt our hearts first before we get to assess the actual damage. you are such a sweet but mischievous baby. mommy sometimes wonder where you got that from.

one time when mommy  was desperately trying to put you to sleep your attention was moved by a sound from outside the house. guess what you did? you moved aside the curtain that mommy used to cover the window to prevent you from seeing the streetlights. you seem to grow smarter and smarter everyday all of these changes seem overwhelming at times.

you now recognize what the word 'NO' means. especially when it's coming from daddy. you would move your head from side to side each time daddy utters 'NO! Maia' we'd end up laughing!

you also like to play hide and seek. your most fave hiding spot is our bedroom curtain. and you love it when mommy hides under the sheets. you would frantically pull them to find mommy under. and when you find mommy, you'd laugh heartily. hay baby, your laughter and voice fills our house with soooo much happiness.

your fave food right now is still mashed kalabasa and chunky mashed potato flavored with raspberry or banana yoghurt. you also started eating spinach which is a good thing. you started with egg yolks and you seem to love that as well. but despite all this solid intake, you still love love love to drink your milk. from just 4-5 6oz bottles before you now down about 7 bottles max in a day. you appetite is appalling. yet you don't really grow fat. probably it's your metabolism since you're such a wriggly squirmy baby.

finally, the greatest milestone for this month is your two tiny pearls finally saying "hello!" to us. mommy was so thrilled to see them erupt. now, if only mommy can take a snapshot of them two...that would top everything off! :)

so there baby...those are the things that mommy can recall for now. i'm sure i missed to write down a lot of them. forgive mommy, it's probably due to aging. hehe.

happy 10th month, maia. mom and daddy loves you very very much!



Faye De Mesa said...

Happy 10th month bday Maia! Wow 2 more months and 1 year old ka na, saya! I hope Julianne will get to know you in person :) Faye Julianne's 2 lower front teeth came out when she was 4 motnhs & 3 weeks,kitang kita na ngayon...I wonder bakit sobrang aga? Anyway enjoy your teeth Maia you can bite mommy and daddy's finger now, hehehe:)

mae punsalan said...

AWWW... THAT IS SOOO SWEEEETTT SIS!!! ako for now, video diary na muna. hahaha.. :)

Jeng Aquino said...

dearest maia,
you're so lucky to have a mommy who is very passionate in capturing your milestones in a journal. tita jeng didn't realize that she and naomi do not have a prayer time. see your other titas are also learning from your mommy's blog. take care maia and happy 10th! (",)

Faye Pachoco-Paras said...

elow fellow mommies! super thanks sa mga warm messages :) Maia says thank you sa greetings.

faye -- oo nga i hope one of these days mag meet ung 2 babies. maybe when you come home for vacation, kitakits ulit tayo. sana by then sila din and felix meron na din cutie pie of their own :)

mae -- oo okay na okay nga ung mga video diaries mo eh! tuwa kmi parati panoorin.

jeng -- super thanks. hehe. teary eyed naman ako sa message mo :) oi, kumusta na si mitch? i hope she's doing better now.

neva arboleda-santos said...

aww :) really sweet faye! good job maia!!

Mara Pedro said...

happy 10th month maia!!
hope to see you soon..
muah muah...

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