Monday, January 2, 2012

Great Find/Arts-N-Crafts: Art Voyage

My holiday break from work was extended till today. After breakfast and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse early this morning, I didn't know how else I can keep the little girl's hands busy. She was getting bored fast and I wanted to steer her attention away from the TV so I took her with me to run some errands. A stopover to the nearby Hypermart branch was necessary and learning that got her even more excited. I decided to drop by National Bookstore since I was thinking I might find some lacing beads there. We initially used macaroni on a lacing activity but the one we had at home was the elbow kind and she was having a hard time getting the thread out of the macaroni shell. Too bad for me, the NBS branch here didn't have any beads that we can use so I just let her roam around the store instead. She spent a lot of time browsing through the Adarna/Tahanan books section. But while walking around the store, this box caught my attention. ART VOYAGE it said. I took one out of the shelf to check it out. It look intriguing enough so I got the box with the #1 on it and paid for it.

a box full of surprises
Top - list of activities (A lot!)
most of the materials needed on every activity came with the box.
we only needed to provide the crayons and the glue. 
When Maia saw it, she couldn't wait to get home and open it. But good thing she fell asleep on our way home. When she woke up from her nap this afternoon, guess what she immediately remembered? The Art Voyage box! 

So we opened it and she couldn't wait to get started. She chose the page first and it took her almost an hour to finish! I couldn't be happier because this activity had her full attention she forgot to turn the TV on. This set had enough activities to last for the entire week. I'm planning to complete all 6 of them (the box says there is an A-B and then a 1-3). Every page contains a different activity so I'm optimistic this will keep her curiosity up and buy us plenty of TV time off. I still have a couple of crafting activities in mind but I'm saving them for our lazy weekends so Tibs can also participate. 

Fresh from her nap, she immediately got down to work on her first Art Voyage activity

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