Monday, January 16, 2012

One Down, A Few More To Go

Last Friday, Maia and I went back to get the results of her first assessment exam in Statefields School in Bacoor. And yes! she passed it. She was so proud of herself. She repeatedly told me she's so ready for school. Well, you will have to wait a little bit more little girl. But it will come soon!

One down, __ more to go! Lolz
Here's a few photos I took of Maia on our last visit. I had more time in my hands so I was able to take photos.

Waiting patiently at the lobby while I pay for our reservation fee
If you are planning to enroll your child in Statefields, here are a few tips for you:

- Inquire early. My mommy friend Erlaine and I inquired as early as November because Statesfields preschool has very limited slots (for nursery they only accept up to 45 students per school year. That's 15 students per section and they only have 3)

- Complete and submit your requirements as soon as you can. I completed and submitted our requirements all in one day so I had the freedom to choose the dates for Maia's assessment exam.

- Choose a time and day where your child would be in her most comfortable state. Maia is up early and is uber-energetic in the mornings so I took the first morning schedule they had. We set it a week after the holidays so that she's slowly gotten back to her normal, daily routine.

- Reserve as soon as you get the results. The slots are filled up early so it's best to reserve even if you aren't fully decided yet to enroll. Reservation fee is only for P500 and is deductible on the tuition fee on enrollment day. It's non-refundable though. We aren't fully decided yet. We would want to check at least 2 to 3 more schools before we make the decision but we would feel really awful if we lose our spot so we decided to reserve as soon as we got the positive results.

Feeling estudyante na!
I gotta see what's new first mom. Wait lang.
Pagod na ako eh. Upo muna tayo.
We're off to check a few more schools in the coming months. It's a good thing the other schools that we are eyeing are not as tight as Statefields so we're more relaxed now. Oh by the way, another tip probably is for you to stock up on lots of 1x1 ID pictures and birth and baptismal certificate copies (you will need at least a copy of the original and several photocopies). I need to work on mine since I didn't make a lot of copies the first time. 


liz said...

I'm thinking of transferring my kids sa statesfield... how much ang tuition nila?

Faye Paras said...

hi liz, the only copy i have of the tuition fee sched is for SY 2011-2012. will look for it and email you a copy. how old are your kids?

elitebuckeroo said...

Hi faye, is your kid still with statefields? I hope you have a copy of the tuition fee this SY.

Ron said...

Hi faye, is your kid still with Statefield? I hope you have a copy of the Tuition fees for this SY.

faye paras said...

Hi Ron,

My kid did not push through with enrolling at Statefields. She enrolled to a different school. But last year when we were inquiring the tuition fee for preschool is around 40k.

kit said...

Hi may I ask what school did you enroll mia? and whatz the feedback. It's hard to decide what school to enroll my son. We are done at statefield, AJV and Casa real. all are nice, its hard to decide. Thanks and God bless

faye paras said...

Hi Kit,

Can you send me a message at


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