Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stricken By Stomach Flu

The little miss is currently having a big bout with stomach flu. I was up at 1am yesterday monitoring her since she's been vomiting (she threw up 3x before breakfast). This morning she held on to my hand when I was bidding her goodbye. She requested that I spend a few more minutes holding her hand. She dozed off while I was lightly rubbing her back. I kissed her and immediately left after that because I knew if I was to stay longer I won't have the heart to leave her anymore. I am desperately trying to keep my focus so I won't give in to this desire to go home and personally tend to my sick little girl. I already took a day off from work yesterday to bring her to the Pedia so I really do not have that luxury to take another day off. 

Luckily our Pedia thought there's no need for any medications yet and instead told us to just keep hydrating BUT was instructed to immediately bring her to the ER if the vomiting persists. My little girl has already developed a fear of hospitals having been confined several times already before she turned two. Last year was a lot better and we were hoping we will be taking a long break from needle pricks, IV insertions and sleeping in hospital beds. Having understood already what her pedia said yesterday, she's been fighting her sickness real hard. She finally got some food in during lunch yesterday and took a few spoonfuls again for dinner last night. I was so happy she didn't throw up. This morning she was hungrier than usual. She took a bite of my peanut butter sandwich and ate almost half a cup of rice + egg for breakfast. But I guess the peanut butter didn't go well with her still sensitive tummy so she pooped immediately after breakfast. Then on my way to work, the nanny called to tell me she threw up a little bit when she woke up from her nap. Sigh.

She's been taking Glucolyte and is active but I'm really really hoping the vomiting and pooping will really stop. She's been through enough. And it breaks my heart hearing her say, "ayaw ko na. ayaw ko na" while desperately trying not to vomit.

Please pray she gets better. She's still thinking of making her dad a birthday card for his birthday this weekend.

Please be well already little girl. 

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