Sunday, April 15, 2012

Maia, The Kikay

I was born with no kikay bone in my body. I didn't learn to be one either. My mom was a busy working woman who despite having 4 girls never ever attempted to sit down with us and teach us how to be kikays. To be honest, I didn't mind really. I was happy being nerdy and just drowning myself in alternative music. I guess I could say my sisters felt the same way. Not till we were all grown up anyways and make up was something that became inevitable. Many times we had to pretend to be real adults and come out of our anti-social worlds. I actually learned to do my own make up (nerve-wracking as it was) when I was already starting to work. To date, I still don't know how to properly use eye make up. I'm lucky I usually get away with experimenting (probably because I put on a very thin layer of make up you can hardly tell anyway I had anything on) as I've never gotten to the point where somebody had to come up to me and tell me I look ultra pinkish or very reddish or too brownish hahaha. 

But with kids nowadays, make up is no stranger than cereal (sorry weird analogy. but that's the first word that popped in my mind hahaha). Last night, Maia's five year old cousin Ghab took out her eye make up and while me and my mother in law get busy fixing our dinner the two girls kept themselves busy talking all things make up. I didn't catch what exactly it was they were discussing but they definitely were engrossed over the topic.

And when I came over to help them clean up and get ready for dinner, this is what I saw.

i know the photo doesn't look cheery at all (not with the darkish background that's making the photo more eerie than cheery wehe but that's the best effort my phone cam can deliver for now)
Little girl found it amusing as well, having eye make up on. For the longest time now (since she saw me put on my own make up, I guess) she's been wishing to try it on herself so I  she's just delighted she finally got away with coloring her face. She just couldn't stop laughing. And me and her dad couldn't help but laugh along. I'm happy she's turning out to be more interested in girly things than me. And wherever this takes her, again, I'd happily support it as long as it won't do her any harm **inject drama** (sorry can't help it lolz).

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