Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Honing Their Cutting Skills

The past few days (turning to weeks soon) has driven me to leaving the house earlier than usual. Things have been kind of hectic (some days manic) at work and I just really want to finish everything the soonest time possible so I can finally breath and get things in order at home before we set school preparations into full motion. I anticipate that things will get even crazier then so I wanted to start getting the kid used to schedules - feeding, sleeping, playing. I know that somehow clashes with my desire to practice Waldorf ways at home but I just see life at the home-front to be a lot more easier if we (by that I mean Tibs and me) have more grasp on these things (again feeding, sleeping, playing). I just wanted to set a routine of sorts so that her body gets use to a certain schedule and I'm sure the rest will just follow. Maia is very adaptable to routines anyways so I'm confident things will get better in (take or leave) a month. What I need now however is the TIME. So I'm doubling the effort just to make that. 

When I temporarily shift my attention to work however, I get awfully obsessed with how the kid's day is going. I am even more worried with the hours she might be spending with the TV (which admittedly becomes more frequent when I don't set or leave a list of her activities for the day). I am very thankful however that these past few days she's been spending more and more time playing actively outdoors. Her cousin (Tibs' niece) Ghabby is staying with us for a few weeks and having her around definitely eased my worry. Since she arrived Maia has been busy with play and this morning I caught them happily cutting away paper scraps. Light bulb moment hit me again: I decided to make it even more fun and challenging for them. I drew shapes and had them cut it out for me. I told them to keep the shapes they cut and show it to me later when I get home. 

I am sure I'll have two proud girls waiting for me later. And I can't wait to see what they have for me.

to each her own

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