Thursday, April 12, 2012

Summer and Bike Rides

I don't know what it is with summer and bikes but they always usher nice (the giddy kind of nice as a matter of fact) thoughts for me. I love looking at photos of kids on bikes. With rays of sunshine gently touching their tanned skin. Pretty, pretty sight aren't they? Photos like never fail to put a smile on my face. I wish Maia and I will have photos like that. 

Well, as I've mentioned in a previous post, I never learned to ride a bike. I planned to learn it but almost a year after, I have yet to hatch that plan. But yes, I will ride a bike before I reach 40 and I have a plenty of time to bring that dream into fruition. 

This bike was a gift from her maternal grandparents to her on her 3rd birthday. This has been parking in our maid's room
for months now I thought she'd never gain the interest to ride it frequently. But that has changed for the past few days.
Maia on the otherhand can almost ride her bike effortlessly. And for the past few days, she's been putting that skill to work by hitting the pedals first thing in the morning. She and her Ate Ging would round up our block. Ate Ging would attempt to push her at times but she would retort and throw a glare at her. 'STOOOOOOOOOOOOP! I  can do this!' So Ate Ging has no choice but to let her go and she would pedal away leaving her yaya scrambling and panting to catch up on her.

They would take a short break in between to grab a pandesal while waiting for me to get ready for work. Then the three of us would head to our village gate - me and yaya on foot while Maia is on her bike. We've been doing this since Monday and I'd love to make this a summer ritual. We always keep the guards amused with Maia's trademark good-bye: 'I LOVE YOU MOMMY. WE ROCK! SWEET KISS! BABAAAAAAAAAAAY! (some days she'd add in a TAKE CARE! or a SEE YOU!) Things like this keep me inspired and gives me enough fuel to survive a full day at work.

In two months, things are going to be changing a bit in our household with this little kid finally going to school. Ahhhh but that's another story worthy of a separate post. Till then, I am going to enjoy the undivided time I have with this irresistibly pretty little miss.

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