Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Thank you for always being present (with Mommy) in raising me even if it often calls for you to go out of your comfort zone. Thank you for being hands on with me. Thank you for trying your hardest to keep your temper down (one of these days, I will understand why this is very difficult for you to do and why that alone is something that I should be very grateful for already) while teaching me the basics of surviving this world. Someday, I know, I will fully understand all of that. For now, I thank you most especially for always making me laugh like there's no tomorrow. Thank you for always indulging my shallow childish whims (for instance) like letting me ride on your shoulders during our strolls even if they'd end up really sore (because I seemed to have grown heavy, right?) . I just want you to know Daddy that riding on your shoulders always make me feel like I rule the world! 

I love you very much. Paulit-ulit. Paulit-ulit. **big kiss**

p.s. Even if I hesitated earlier today to acknowledge that you still remain as my one and only prince, please know in my heart that you will always be my original prince.
She will probably forever remain a Daddy's girl.

1 comment:

Em said...

Belated Happy Father's day to Tibs :)

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