Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maia's Favorite Things: Homeopathic Remedies

allergy and colds remedies - pulsatilla d4/allium cepa d3/apis
mellifica d30/sabadilla d6/kali carbonicum (not in photo)
Since becoming a mother, I also became more conscious of the choices I make. I always made sure I do my research first before I come to a decision.  I read books, interacted with other moms, asked questions and made sure I find out the explanation behind myth-sounding advices before I even give it a thought. If there's is no explanation, then I won't even consider. I am after all a believer that everything in this world is dynamic, constantly evolving. And I grew up knowing how important science is in our lives. Whatever might have worked for our elders, might not necessarily work for us. I believed that making an informed decision will rid me of the what-ifs and the regrets later on (read: no sick days). But of course, that was never the case. I learned the hard way that there will always be days where I'd be overwhelm with exhaustion and yet will be found tending to a sick little girl. It is in this sleep-deprived moments where I'd be cursing myself for being such a lousy mom for letting my little kid get sick (again and again and again).

At first I'd always be rushing to the pedia nearest to us when Maia's fever would hit 38. And we will always end up with prescriptions for various traditional meds (cough/allergy medicines mostly) and most times another prescription for antibiotics with instructions to give it once the fever persists on the 3rd day. Being the first time mom with no one to really direct questions to, I'd most often be caught submitting to our pedias orders.

I would eventually learn (or sige believe na lang) however that constant intake of oral medication can be damaging to one's body (to the liver most especially). So I took caution and became even more cautious (bordering on paranoid actually) after my PT diagnosis and subsequent surgery. Gladly, I sort of stumbled upon Anthroposophy and homeopathic remedies while researching on alternative medications for common colds one time. With the help of a fellow n@wie and my AP (attachment parenting) idol Jen I found Dra. Cricket Palanca-Chen, a natural medicine doctor (who is also a licensed pediatrician) who helped us understand homeopathy more and made me realize the importance of investing on building my daughter's immune system rather than become totally dependent (and hostage victims) to commercial meds. 

cough remedies (ferrum phosphoricum d6/pyrite d4/cinnabar d6)
We started treading the unfamiliar waters of homeopathy remedies a few months before Maia turned one (that was in 2009). We were initially prescribed the 'first aid kit' for commons colds and coughs - Pulsatilla (for hinog na sipon) and Allium Cepa (for watery na sipon) then the anti-cough combo of Cinnabar and Pyrite powder. The first year, I would still find myself running back into the arms of traditional meds especially when I couldn't see upfront the homeopathic meds taking effect after 2-3 days. But each time we come back to Dra. Chen she would assure us that Maia is well and that her body is still building up her inner defenses. 

So where are we now 3 years after we were first introduced to homeopathic remedies? I'd like to say that we now have a good, solid relationship. Maia responds well to the homeo meds. That's not to say that she never gets sick. She in fact does but her cough and colds usually goes away after 3-5 days. Since Maia turned 2, we only get to see Dra. Chen twice in a year for her well-baby check ups but in our last visit in April she was happy with how Maia is thriving. I happily reported too that she has not taken in any commercial meds for almost a year already (that bad tummy flu last January was what broke our supposed to be longest record). We don't give Maia commercial (by commercial I mean those produced by big pharmaceutical companies) vitamin supplements. If she isn't eating well, we'd break a malunggay capsule and mix it with her food or with yakult

Maia is already very familiar with these homeo meds. When she gets sneezy she would call on Ate and say, I want 5 drops Ate. Please! (when she says 5 drops she's actually referring to Apis Mellifica which helps her allergic rhinitis attacks). Then she calls the powdered ones "polvoron". I'm lucky we didn't have difficulty convincing her to take homeo meds. The liquid ones taste weird at first (almost like mild white wine) and takes a bit of getting used to but it didn't take long for her to get used to it.

I intend to stick to these babies for as long as we can and for as long as Maia is willing to take them. Of course, I am not totally discounting the help and the role that traditional medicines play in saving millions of lives and this is not to say that we will never, ever seek the aid of these medicines because I still would when the need arises. But what I'm trying to say is for those common illnesses, this works for us for now and we'll stick to it for as long as we can.

For those who are interested to see Dra. Chen here is her clinic schedule and other pertinent info:

Pediatrics/Natural Medicine

Clinic schedule:

Medical Plaza Makati
(she recently moved to her husband's clinic at the 18th floor, just ask the receptionist at the bldg lobby for the room number)
contact: Ms. Ayie

St. Luke's Global
Room 539, Medical Arts Bldg
contact: Ms. Ayie
789.7700 loc 7539/569.7217


Erlaine Gool said...

Faye, san clinic ni Dra. Chen? Mukhang ok yang homeopathic meds ah.

Faye Paras said...

Erl i updated the blog post to include dra's number :)

Faye Paras said...

hindi lumabas ang reply ko thru mobile. I've updated the post to include dra. chen's clinic sched, Erl :) 

The Mommist said...

Intrigued by this. Mga gamot talaga ang daming sinisira na organs most especially kidneys and liver. I wanna try this alternative. Nice post! :)

Just followed you on GFC. Hope to get a follow back. :) Thank you

Faye Paras said...

Thanks for dropping by! Followed you back. :)

Homeo meds are our bestfriend and I hope they remain to be till my little girl gets older :)

Patty Yabut said...

I wonder kung ano ang views ni Dra. Chen about vaccines...

Randy Mendoza said...

Just asking, where do you buy your homeopathic remedies?

Randy Mendoza said...

Just asking, where do you buy your homeopathic remedies?

faye paras said...

Hi Randy, we buy from our pedia Dra. Cricket Palanca-Chen. She now holds clinic St. Lukes Global.

Dorothy Joy Cagujas said...

Yan padin po ba ung contact no.nia?

faye paras said...


Have not been back to Dra. Chen's clinic for a few years now but please try the contact info for St Luke's Global. I know she still holds clinic there.

harry II realubit said...

Hi! Thanks for the info. Ask ko lang kung pwede mag walk in or kailangan pa po magpa appointment? My two month old baby kasi is sick. Hoping for your immediate response.. Many thanks!

harry II realubit said...

Hi! Thanks for the info. Ask ko lang kung pwede mag walk in or kailangan pa po magpa appointment? My two month old baby kasi is sick. Hoping for your immediate response.. Many thanks!

faye paras said...

hi harry, ideally best to call and set an appointment.

mabait naman ang secretary if it's really urgent, baka magawan ng paraan maisingit depending on your preferred date. call the clinic muna.

praying for your baby's fast healing!

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