Sunday, July 1, 2012

Maia's Favorite: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

I like to read. As a kid, I learned to love reading because my parents surrounded us with books (albeit, historical books mostly)So I wanted to impart that to my little girl and I wanted to start by doing just what my parents did on us. Sadly, I would later realize I know nothing about kiddie books (i love To Kill A Mockingbird and thought it could be Maia's first real book but then again...maybe later when she actually learns to read). So one day, I went to a local bookstore to do my research. I skipped those that were on popular cartoon characters. I wanted the kid to love reading not because it was about a popular character. I wanted her to be attracted to reading because it was fun and interesting (and maybe because she's also learning but I wouldn't want to force that on her yet). 

As I entered the children's section, this entire row of interestingly illustrated books caught my fancy. They were Eric Carle books. I randomly picked a book to browse. Apart from liking how simple but appealing the stories were, I was really drawn to the illustrations. I then vowed to start hunting for his books on every Book Sale store that I'd visit since I don't think my wallet will every have the heart to spare for first hand books (unless they  go on uber-bagsak presyo prices). However, the opportunity to visit a Book Sale branch became a rare treat for me. One time while going through the Book Depository site, I chanced upon a small (tiny is probably a better fit) hardbound The Very Hungry Caterpillar that fit my budget (read: close to Booksale price). I immediately placed an order (hooray for free shipping) and eagerly anticipated it's arrival. The book took a long time to get to us (again, hooray for free shipping) but when it arrived I just knew (from the look on her face), it was love at first sight for our little miss reader.

Maia's precious The Very Hungry Caterpillar book(let)
So after the Puppy Dog, this particular book became a bedtime reading staple for us. Staple in the sense that just like the Puppy Dog book, I already memorized it page by page and could tell it even with my eyes closed. But of course, every story time I will still need to pretend like I was reading. I didn't realize that Maia also memorized it already. Story time have since become a rare bonding activity for us since I would usually come home to a sleeping little girl (explains why most of my stories are during mornings). So imagine my delight when I heard her telling this story to a caterpillar that we saw in our Calamansi tree this afternoon. 

Dearest Maia,
When you're older, I hope you enjoy viewing this video. Daddy and I were filled with pride while listening to you while you 'read' your favorite book today. Keep telling stories. Even if only a few are willing to listen. 

(posted this on facebook with this caption: We found a caterpillar and an empty cocoon while checking on the plants in the garden this morning. She rushed in to get her favorite Eric Carle book and went back outside. A few mins after, Tibs and I can hear her converse audibly in english only to realize she was actually reciting(describing) the book page per page from memory. I hurriedly went outside to capture her on video. she didn't seem to mind. she was too engrossed to even stop me from taking her video (she becomes extremely shy when we attempt to take videos of her in intimate moments like this)

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Rachel said...

I love this post faye! :) kasi relate na relate sa hungry caterpillar love ng bagets ;) 

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