Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Lesson from A 'Running' Pro

Dearest Maia,

Today I disappointed myself and that didn't feel good at all. 

You witnessed me and daddy train for months for the race that we participated in today but the training that I did fell short of the requirement. In my heart, I knew I didn't give that training my all. I had been looking forward to this race for years and yet I allowed a lot of things to throw me off-course.

On our way home today, we were privileged to ride with a guy who finished the marathon at 3 hours 50 mins. My jaw dropped hearing that. I immediately praised that guy. A 4 hour finish for a marathon is amazing, what more a sub-4? And he finished a 10k for 38 minutes. Just 38 minutes! My easy 5k's are timed at 38 minutes. But he could cover twice the distance. Amazing! I didn't waste time interviewing that guy. Where does he train? How often? What fuels him? I had to know. I was hoping that partly he would tell me he was just born a runner.

But that was not the case, baby. After our long talk, he just proved to me even more that there are no shortcuts to success. It was first and foremost pure HARDWORK that lead him to attain his goal. He wakes up early to train. And he doesn't stop until he has covered the time that he has set himself to train for a particular day. He runs for 3 hours minimum every other day. But on alternate days, he bikes. Some days he gets extremely busy but he doesn't let that mess up his training plan. He doesn't make up excuses. He is THAT diligent and disciplined.

When you ask most accomplished athletes, they would probably give you the same answer. Well, not only athletes are equipped with that same attitude even the most career accomplished individuals are probably  driven by this. It's one of the major lessons in life, I would say. In fact, this lesson has been sitting at the back of my mind. I just didn't push it enough to make it to front to always drive me to put it to practice. So I'm putting this in writing today. To serve as a reminder not only to you but TO ME most especially. 

By the way, Daddy brought this medal home for you today. As usual, you were ecstatic. You wore it like you own it. I was too tired to take a snap of you wearing it but know how proud I am of daddy for getting this for you. He didn't train as frequent as me and yet, today turned out to be such a breeze for him. I wouldn't charge this to luck too. Looking back, I'd say daddy put more heart and discipline into his training than me. So really, hardwork is key. 

I hope one day, this could serve as a guide for you. Or something of that sort.

Always remember too...that we are always just right here to support you. In success and even more in failure. One of these days, I'll try to gather my thoughts too and share a little something about the lessons that you can learn from failure. For now, just know too that we love you. Always.

we love you to infinity and beyond,
Mommy (and Daddy too)

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