Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Perks Of Having A Daughter

This weekend was another milestone for both Maia and me. For the first time, we left the daddy home to spend an entire weekend by our coosome twosome. It was not really a trip far from home but what made this weekend special for me was because I had been looking forward to this day since I became a mother to a daughter. I'm sure there will be more and more days and weekends like this coming our way and I am making a list now of things we can do together outside of the house. My heart is making cartwheels just by the thought of it. Yay. Yay. Yay!

The thought of somebody always being there, ready to be dragged away from the house on a whim makes me giddy. Salon trips. Window shopping. A dash to the grocery store (dash could also mean an entire afternoon wasted but grocery store trips always make me high so no waste there really), a lazy day spent at a bookstore, crafts day. Oh I could go on and on...the possibilities and bonding opportunities just seem endless (wehe).

Just a few more years and I'll have company to play dress up at clothes shops. Aging momma and a teenager out to annoy sales girls (wehe. just kidding. we'll be nice customers. i swear)

It's a long list I have right now. But last weekend we just started with this. Did she have a blast? Definitely did! And would you believe we burned more than an hour there and she didn't make a scene (well apart from tripping from the tangled wires, not her fault really). She was so behaved and waited for her turn like every nice little lady would. 

too engrossed to even care
pink nails and play doh bracelets


Anna said...

Cute! Can't imagine what it must be like to have a daughter - sharing all those kikay activities!

Faye Paras said...

hey anna! a couple of years more it's probably going to be feel like i'm living together with my BFF (at least that's what i hope we'd end up to be hehe). although i wish to have a boy too and be able to list down the perks of having a son as well. wehe. 

Rachel said...

waaaah! makes me want a daughter!!!! ay, mahal ang tuition. okay na ako kay little boy namin. LOL! but seriously, kakainggit... =|

Faye Paras said...

hahaha rache pwede pa yan! i guess daughters are a mother's way of re-living her girly childhood dreams. i try not to be too imposing though para naman she develops her own personality. seriously too -- gusto ko rin ng SON! hahaha. habol pa tayo isa! (parang ganun lang yun kadali eh no?)

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