Monday, July 23, 2012

"Rain Makes Me Sad"

She's indeed my daughter. She's always filled with raw emotions which she never hesitates to express.

While browsing through racks of books at Booksale yesterday, I asked Maia if she loves rainy days. The reply was a firm NO. Why? She told me: "It makes me sad, Mommy". Why? "Because I miss my friends".

Awwwww. Poor little thing. She's been trapped in the house for almost a week due to the heavy rains and she ends up with an overly dampened spirit. I still wish she'd change her mind about the rain when she's older. But with her saying that brought me some sense of relief since my itchy feet sort of gave her the chance to be out despite the very gloomy weather. In pambahay clothes, we braved the rain and headed to the nearest mall where a Booksale branch is located to look for more Eric Carle books (we're looking for Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me and Brown bear, Brown bear particularly). We didn't end up finding the books that we wanted but we still went home with a whole lotta books. Tibs and I went crazy over these Beatrix Potter (mini-books) series which were selling for P25-P50 (just one book sold for P50 actually the rest we got for 25/35 pesos). Honestly, we were only familiar with one Potter book (The Tale of Peter Rabbit) but they were just too cute for us to pass on plus we know they won't take up a lot of space so we went ahead and got 6 from the series. Then I got a crafts book on Toys and Games which was quite expensive for my budget but I went and got anyway because all of the projects there were doable for me and interesting enough for Maia. We'll start our projects next weekend as the little miss had her weekends locked on those already (she actually wanted us to start last night - "because it's only night of the weekend, mommy!").

Total cash burned for 10 books was less than P600 (sorry can't remember exactly how much)
After spending almost 3 hours at Booksale, we finally headed for the cashier to pay for our loot. She went through racks and racks of books with me. Making her own pile and grabbing and handing over some books to me (I want this. NO I don't want this were the phrases of the day yesterday). She was a little drawn to some Disney books (2 of which were on princesses which I'm really not very fond of) as well but in the end gave in when we told her she can only pick one. We didn't want to ruin the mood so we thought it won't really hurt to give her a little treat. She took home this bi-lingual book version of the little mermaid (LA SIRENITA it said) book for P35. We were partly hoping she'd learn a little Spanish from there as well (suntok sa buwan pero malay mo naman).

After Booksale, we dropped by National Bookstore to get her new notebooks to scribble on and new coloring pens (her pens ran out of ink almost every month. magastos din!) and as early as now, I can tell I now have a bookstore buddy. I see myself in here. Ogling shelves and shelves of school supplies and art materials with a whole wide grin on her face (with ohhhs and ahhhhs to boot). I had to bribe her with tubs of Play Doh just so she'd leave the store with us. If the option for us to go ahead, leave her and just come back to pick her up at a later time was ever made available, she would probably have grabbed it. She probably knew that THIS was her Sunday because she also managed to convince me to buy her cotton candy (to which I don't usually yield to). I didn't feel bad yielding to this particular whim because the look on her while biting into that cloudy, fluffy sweet thing was just priceless. I just had to snap a photo. 

After finishing her cotton candy, she happily trotted home holding her brown bag of goodies and when she woke up from her nap, guess what she did - inventoried her purchases, grabbed her pens and scribbled and scribbled some more on her new notebook. Later that day, she went to throw a party for her 'kids' and fed them with Play-Doh food. When she was packing away her stuff, she found this square cardboard. She later handed it to me with some scribbles on both sides saying - Mommy, eto thank you ko sa inyo ni Daddy kasi pumunta tayo sa bookstore eh! Tapos bumili pa tayo ng Play-doh at pens. At may bago akong notebook no? (And this morning, she mentioned that to me again. Sobrang saya lang yata nya talaga).

ate inday says it's really a card and it has I love you in it. (see that ILY on the 3rd row from the top? haha)

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