Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Maia's Study Corner

After 100 years, Tibs was finally able to start our Maia's Study Corner Project. Maia and I had to find some place to crash in (thanks Net!) temporarily last weekend just so he can start on it already but at least we're happy with how it has progressed so far. 

Maia has been spending more time on her corner now and lesser time on the floor. That is already an achievement to a certain extent because one of our main reasons for dedicating a corner for her was so she could have a place where she can do her drawings and writing exercises without disruption. So despite the demotivating lack of space in our spatially-challenged home (redundant eh, pinilit pa rin), I didn't lose heart in pushing Tibs to do it. To create space, we decided to purge our own stuff and give way for hers. So off went the piles of cds, speakers, books and my own personal kalat. Then after spending 2 days and a night away, we came home to this:

tight little corner but she loves it nevertheless
Closer look at her shelves:

I have since stopped supplying her with scratch papers because we're having a hard time getting her permission to throw away the used ones (she's so attached to most of her sketches and drawings) we usually end up with so much paper (the yaya's bedroom/bodega is still filled with it). So our solution was to buy notebooks (more expensive option compared to the scratch papers but definitely cheaper than drawing/sketch pads. working on a compromise here). She used to fill one notebook in less than a week but she has mellowed down since and is now down to 2 notebooks a month. For now, this works for us since we can store the notebooks neatly and find them easily when she starts looking for old ones (yes she does look for them and she is specific about each of them).

These paintings and scribbles used to adorn our living room wall. After Tibs fixed this corner, Ate Inday asked the little miss if she can transfer the pseudo-wallpapers unto her study corner and she gave it a go. These definitely made the area more colorful and gave it some sense of personality (wehe, obviously the kid is really into painting and scribbling right now).

Lastly, we're trying to teach her to always keep her school stuff in place. Like her bag for example, she parks them in this specific corner when she arrives from school. She usually does her homework after waking up from her afternoon nap so when the bag is there, it's easier for her to pull out her books and return them after. We've been partly successful. Although admittedly, the house has been almost freed of clutter the moment she started school last June. These days, she rarely takes her toys out all at the same time and would prefer to focus on playing with one type of toy at a time (makes clean up time so much easier). The weekends are a different story of course but having kids over and making a mess while doing arts and crafts with them is pure fun for me so I don't really mind. 

Of course if we had the luxury of space (and overflowing budget), I would probably have opted to do something like this:

OR this:

Well maybe someday we can finally have that space (and budget) to make way for dream projects like this. But for now, we're happy and content with how this turned out to be. I still want to prettify it but I still have no idea how. Nevertheless, we're very thankful we have a handy daddy on hand to always fix things for us :)

Our little miss student so busy in her corner.


Celina said...

Nice! I've been thinking of doing something like this for Rayray din because his stuff are always scattered on the floor and sometimes I have a hard time looking for things he wants. So where did you put all your books?

Faye Paras said...

hey cel! sadly, we had to box up most of our books and other stuff. hoping to make space for them come year end though when we have time to make an inventory of what we really need and choose which ones to give away. 

The Mommist said...

Great job for training your daughter to be responsible for her things. That's very important. Her corner looks great and well-organized as it is. Better than mine when I was her age. Hehe

Faye Paras said...

Thank you. But you know how kids are. Some days it's neat most days the desk is super cluttered. I'm a firm believer of consistency is key though so we just keep on reminding her it's her corner and she has to be the one to keep it clean. Just hoping that one day, she'll finally embrace that. Lolz. Thanks for the visit! 

Anna said...

Cuuute!  My goodness, but she's into scribbling nga.  In fair, at our home, we deal with overflowing toy cars and books but drawings, not so much yet!  Have you tried checking out the baskets and tins and such in greatideas.ph

Faye Paras said...

Ana! thanks for the reco. Just checked out the site, dami ko gusto! hahaha. i will make a list na. :D

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