Saturday, July 21, 2012

Of Dreams and Ambitions

As a little girl, I was a big dreamer. I dreamed to change the world. I had a firm belief then that I had an important purpose to this world.

But sadly, I grew up. And some dreams just remain as that. Dreams. Although admittedly that dream to change the world, I partially did hold unto. I held unto it probably to somehow inspire me to always demand more from myself. And to remind me to never do anything to harm the world that I once dreamed to change FOR THE BETTER.

Part of me still hopes to live that dream through Maia. What parent doesn't anyway. But of course, I know where my boundaries lie. And I'd rather see my daughter follow her heart's desire than see her live my dream and be unhappy.

So if she does decide to pursue her dream to be a musician and create beautiful music by playing with sounds, I will gladly support.

Or if she would later on take more to heart her love for dancing and be a ballerina princess that some days she think she really is, that I'd happily support too all the way.

Or if one day she'd reckon her gift was to be an artist and play with colors for people's eyes to feast on, I'd stand by and cheer her on as well.

Today, she decided she wanted to be a nurse. Her grandfather insists she's born to be a doctor. But I know, none of us can really tell her what she should become one day. So we'll just stay here and help her through her day to day life and probably arm her with a lot of confidence so that one day, she WILL find in her heart and mind what she really wants to become.

***forgive this somehow pointless blabber. it's this weather. it's just so conducive for sleeping and that's just exactly what my brain did since early this morning. lolz***

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