Friday, December 28, 2012

Welcoming Vanity!

The kid is into make up and all things beauty related lately. I can only deduce that most young girls go through this phase as I cannot really say that all this is due to my influence. I mentioned in one of my posts before that I do not have a single kikay bone in my body. That remains true to this day. But some days, yes I do try to make an effort to 'fix' myself by putting on face powder and a thin coat of lipstick on. And on those days, yes the little miss would stare at me and would even attempt to take the face powder off my hands and apply them to my face herself. I have a very curious kid in my midst. Yes, that is also true.

I've recently acquired a new set of make up brushes and decided to hand over to her my old ones. Pamana. Imagine how she beamed upon hearing my declaration. It was as if I agreed to get her an iPad or something  to that effect (not that she really knows what an iPad is). Imagine even more how her glee multiplied when I went home with the wonderful news that her Ninang Yette decided to gift her with a vanity dresser for her birthday. Well, her initial response really was: WHAT'S A DRESSER, MOMMY? But when I showed her the actual picture of what the dresser would look like, she immediately sported the beam of the century. 

The dresser took awhile to finish (because of the deluge of holiday orders we had to wait for 2 months to get it made) but the wait was all worth it. And this morning we finally picked it up. The minute we got the mini-dresser into the house, the little miss immediately grabbed a pair of scissors and started (carefully ha, mind you) peeling off the wrapping. 

I believe it is important to note here that this vanity is exclusive for kids only. I attempted to sit on her chair this afternoon and I was immediately told that I am not allowed to do that because I am already an adult.
Maliit lang yan eh. Nakikita mo ba mommy. Hindi yan pang BIG! (at least she considered me as somebody BIG! wahaha)
This entire thing costed Ninang P2700. Relatively cheap, no? If you buy a plastic toy these days, it might even cost more. And this one's made of wood so it's going to last longer than most toys would. We ordered it from Handicrafts, atbp. If this interests you, you can go look at their Facebook page as they do not only specially on dressers but a lot of other wooden stuff for kids as well. 

The vanity now happily sits on the only corner of the house that isn't occupied yet. She initially wanted it placed inside her 'bedroom' but since it doubles as our yaya's quarters and a storage area (yes i know, bad employers but really how do you manage space in a house as tiny as ours) she probably realized it isn't really a nice place for her to pretty up. So yes, she finally settled for this corner here:

Thank you, thank you, thank you again Ninang Yette!
For always being so generous to this little lady.

Handicrafts, atbp. Contact info:
Phone 0917.589.9488


Maggie said...

Ay ang nice ng dresser ni Maia! I like that it's personalized. If I will have a daughter, I'll buy her one too :)

Faye Paras said...

Maggie, if you had a daughter I'm sure she's going to be super cute and super kikay like you! :D (kelan nga ba susundan?)

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