Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Finding Your Dream Home

A few months back, a neighbor who is also a real-estate broker asked us if we're interested to invest on a property at the newly developed subdivision at the other side of the fence. It's a rather plush one compared to where we're residing at the moment. Its clubhouse's ambiance alone is resort-like. Living there would probably feel like you're always in your 'weekend' home. So, it's not a hard-question to answer. Of course we're interested. But we'll have to pass on it for now for the mere fact that we're not even halfway through our current home's mortgage yet. 

When we brought this house, we admittedly failed to do our research. I wish we had something like the louisville homes here that would afford you with several options first just by the click of the mouse before you make big decisions like buying your dream home for instance. 

Well, we're not closing our doors most definitely. After all, dreams are free for the living. Who knows, we might just find the means in the near future to invest on a new home. 

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