Monday, December 17, 2012

First School Christmas Party

Dearest Little Miss Kulit,

As I type this, you're probably now preparing for first ever dance number in school. I feel a little sad that I'm going to miss it but I'm glad Daddy stepped up this time and happily volunteered to be the stage parent of the day. He said he's been taking videos of you since you arrived in school a few hours ago and I think I will have tons of videos to watch later. I'm giddy!

Can you believe it? We're just a quarter away from you finishing your first year in preschool. I am recalling how last year was and we were just half-heartedly considering sending you to school then. But you convinced us it's already time and who would've guess, you'll breeze through it like a pro. A few parents have already openly expressed their surprise at learning that this is just your first time in big school. You carried yourself well, albeit being a little bit on the shy side of the bunch yet you bravely come to school without a yaya while others would demand for the company of their parents and yayas. 

Of course, you would yearn (boy you can be really makulit) to be fetched by one of us on some days. But you now know how to listen to and accept reason. And we thank you so much for making things easy for us. You show so much maturity and independence beyond your years. 

I know you are extremely enjoying your school party today. I hope your classmates and school-friends will love the treats that we prepared for them. You had fun labeling those goodies with their names and signing them with your own. I'm glad you are finally feeling the real meaning of Christmas which is sharing and making everyone around you feel loved. 

Cookies from Dea (she also made Maia's wand sugar cookies on her birthday)
Red velvet cake pops from Maggie
(I had to resist opening a pack else I trigger the start of the rest of them opening a pack as well)
she labeled her gifts personally
proudly showing me her artwork on the wrapping of Teacher J's gift
Next year, we'll be more prepared for the season. I'll make sure of that. 



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Em Tiquio said...

Oh Wow! Hanga ako sayo at na-resist mo talaga ang temptation from eating the cake pops. If I were on you shoe, hindi na makakarating sa recipient yan. hehehe.

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