Thursday, April 11, 2013

Breakfast Date

Nakabawi na rin si Daddy and Mommy. Breakfast date before her summer class. This is the closest way we can get to stage parenting: taking a few hours off our respective jobs to spend breakfast with the little girl before she heads off to class. And boy, did she like it? Syempre naman!
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I am really a wife and a parent before anything else. I dropped work plans this morning to take the little girl to her last day in class. Well I know, this is really an attempt to erase all the guilt that I've been nursing these past few days. Selfish, I know. But now I feel good. And since I feel good, I can function better on all these roles that I play - wife, mom, daughter, sister, employee, friend. It's the fulfillment of motherhood that fuels me to become better. I hope I always remember my priorities so I don't get side-tracked.

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Anonymous said...

Maia, can I have sOMe chicken joy too? Hihi

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