Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photoblog: Scenes From SMP's Baking and Cooking Class

Yes, I'm not yet done documenting this part of her summer. I'm happy that now the nurturers at SMP try their best to document the kids' activities through photos so the parents get a glimpse of what's happening inside the classroom. Thank you, Titas!

All photos were grabbed from SMP's facebook page. 

DAY 1: Break making (Waldorf bread with basil and raisins)

Tools of the trade all ready to start their adventure!

tito alan, the day care's kitchen master joins the kneading fun!
ready for the oven!

Day 2: Turning Japanese - Learning to make maki/rolls

the photo caption in SMP's page went something like: "she had the last piece"
she did say she liked the cupcake rice (because she insisted they were making cupcakes that day).
and  honestly, it was her first time to eat maki rolls. she liked! yay!
Day 3: Cookies and Cupcakes Galore!

they paired the cookies with a refreshing mango-banana smoothie.
scrapping off mangoes. she never does this at home. and she was never fond of mangoes.
but after this,  she volunteers to help 'slice' and serve during mealtime.
masa! masa! 
freshly baked goodies
They also had a group picture during the last day of this 3-day class. That one goes to my growing collection of 'class' pictures. I hope someday, when she sees those photos she will still recall how fun her summers were because of activities like these.

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Maggie said...

Soooo cool! I wonder if Lucas will ever be interested in baking. Hey! This gave me an idea! Hmmm i can give you a cake pop tutorial! :)

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