Monday, April 22, 2013

Pabaon For Mommy's Trip To Japan (and a letter from a homesick momma)

I miss you so much Maia. Malas ko I am currently using a borrowed laptop, I was not able to check if a webcam was installed or if it has speakers. Daddy tried to call via skype and we couldn't hear each other. Sigh. I miss the shrill of your youthful voice. I miss your whining. I miss your kiddie smell a.k.a. amoy araw/amoy aso smell. I miss your kili-kili. I miss tickling you and making you giggle like there's no tomorrow.

For now, before I go to sleep let me just recall what you said when you handed this note to me the night before I left for this trip:

"This is for you, Mommy. It says: when Mommy go to Japan(ese), I will take care of my daddy. I will listen and obey. I will make my mommy and daddy happy. BUT. I will miss my Mommy!"

Haaaaaaaaaaaaay. I'm crying homesick tears bebe girl. It's a different thing when I'm preoccupied with work (I totally forgot about my afternoon coffee break today and I barely took toilet breaks), but when I'm back in my hotel room like this with no one to talk to I miss you so bad. And I realize, this past few years there's always you  I can to talk to when I get home from a very tiring day at work. I miss your tight hugs. I wish I packaged it and brought lots of it here with me. (or maybe just brought Georgie or Babbie with me? I wasn't prepared, obviously).

This morning, when they discussed the possibility of us extending, I felt my knees go weak. (and I just prayed silently "Dear God, please not a week more." I hope he somehow heard me). A week just feels like ages. I couldn't bear extending for another week more.

I hope you and daddy are taking good care of each other. I love you, both. From Japan(ese) and back!

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