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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nail clipping disaster

Mommy was finally able to hear mass with Daddy today. She went grocery shopping after that because Maia's milk supply is going on nil. Since she was gone for almost half a day, she was really excited to play with Maia when she got home.

Remembering that the tiny nails she cut off yesterday from Maia's left fingers were still a bit sharp, she immediately took the baby nail clippers and went to cut off the sharp ones so Maia fingers can finally enjoy freedom. Too bad for her, she was too excited to do the trimming and forgot that the ones on her left thumb were already trimmed properly. When she pressed the nail clipper, Maia squealed in pain. Mommy panicked for a bit when she saw a little blood on her skin and realized that she clipped skin instead of nails. She dropped the clippers immediately and went on to soothe Maia. Guilt however won over already since her tears already flowed out before she can stop them. Mommy felt really bad for hurting Maia. Good thing, Maia did not cry for long. She stopped after crying for seconds. That was a bit relieving. But still, Mommy got really scared and won't clip Maia's nails anymore. Not till her fingers had grown big and stubby.

Just wanted to tell you how sorry I am baby. Mommy will be more careful next time. I love you.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tracking Maia's Progress

Being a first time Mom, everyday is not always ordinary for me. After a month, I might have established a routine with Maia but still I never fail to get daily doses of small surprises from her.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekend Nostalgia

While we were trying

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mommy's Labor Story

Hello Maia...

After a month, Mommy is now going to tell her labor story. Just so years from now, when you are able to read, you will know the events that took place before she delivered you.

Friday night, Mom and Dad went out to dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary early. Daddy picked Racks since he had been dreaming of eating succulent baby back ribs for sometime now. Mommy yielded since she herself wanted to binge on something during this last few weeks of her pregnancy. Truth be told, she had voluntarily put herself on a strictly vegetable overloaded diet since the doctor confirmed your existence, and now she's really missing all the bad stuff that she had been eating then. And today, Daddy's letting her eat what she wants. She just had to stay low on bad carbs though and sugar since they don't want to worry about diabetes the last minute.

After dinner, Mom and Dad windowshopped a bit. Taking note of some stuff they're still missing on your layette. Mommy was really enjoying herself but they had to cut their date short because it was running late and at this point she also gets tired pretty fast. Her feet could not take on the weight anymore since you've grown really big and heavy. So at around 9pm they headed home.

They slept early since Mommy was already pretty tired. At around 430 am the following day, Mommy felt something gush out of her. She initially shrugged off the thought of going to the bathroom because she was thinking it was just a heavier than usual discharge and it was nothing to worry about. But then she started feeling some cramps on her tummy so she went on to check. And you know what came out? A bloody discharge! It was probably the mucous plug already. Mommy panicked a bit but was able to collect herself almost immediately. She proceeded to wake up Daddy but he would not budge. So Mommy just went back to bed. She was still sooo sleepy afterall.

But at around 530, Mommy was already having regular contractions. She timed it and it was around 10mins apart. Pain was still bearable though. They lasted just about 5-10secs and that's chicken pain for Mommy. But then, she's now really wishing she could talk to somebody.

Since grandma left for Antique a few days earlier, it was only her and Daddy at home. She does not want to panic at this point though so she just texted Doc Chie just to let her know the mucous plug has dislodged. Then she texted grandma, kika Tabby, kika Isah and Mommy Ninang. But since it's pretty early, she was not really expecting anybody to respond. To her relief though, Mommy Ninang replied after a few minutes. Mommy wanted to shout for joy knowing somebody's already awake.

At around 7am, the contractions were a lot stronger and painful. They are now 5 minutes apart. Doc Chie told Mommy to go the hospital already. Mommy Ninang and Daddy Ninong came to fetch Mom and Dad and drive them to the hospital. It was really a blessing to have Mommy Ninang and Daddy Ninong around. They were always there for Mommy and Daddy.

930am, they arrived at Las Pinas Doctors and waited for Doc Chie. She came at around 10am and examined Mommy. She told Mommy she was already 2cm dilated. She went on to write Mommy's admitting orders and instructed Mommy and Mommy Ninang to proceed to the ER already so Mommy can be prepped up for admission. Everything went so fast after that Mommy hardly had time to process the reality that you are already coming out!

When we reached the ER, the staff proceeded to prepare Mommy for your delivery. They stripped off Mommy's clothes and forced her wear their horrendous hospital gown. Mommy had no choice but to follow orders though. And besides, Mommy was already in pain she could not complain anymore. Good thing, Mommy Ninang was there to massage her tummy. At around 11am, Mommy said bye-bye to Daddy and Mommy Ninang and she was brought up to the Labor room already. All throught out, Mommy was never scared. She was more excited to see you she had no time to think of scary thoughts.

When the nurse wheeled Mommy in, the room was still empty. Mommy was glad she had the nurses and the room all to herself. She made a mental note though to never shout nor cry. She knew she had to save her energy for the finale. What she did was to keep texting family and friends. She made sure Daddy is updated of what's happening. She was informed by the nurses that she was going to be internally examined every two hours to check on the progress of her cervix.

At around 2pm, Mommy felt really dizzy. She threw up. It was probably due to the pain she was experiencing. It was also around this time when company arrived. She was wheeled in right beside Mommy. At around this time Mommy was 3-4 cm dilated already. The dilation is slow, but she's thankful there is still progress.

The nurses kept asking Mommy if she wanted epidural. But since you are coming earlier than she expected, she had not discussed the mode of anesthesia that she was going to get with Doc Chie. Now, she cannot decide if she's going to get one. But she knows she can still handle the pain. So she asked the nurse how much time she still has to decide. And she was informed that she had to get it before she reaches 6cm otherwise the epi will not work as expected anymore.

But when Mommy reached 6cm at around 5pm, she was still smiling. The nurse told her, "6cm ka na Ma'am, nakangiti ka pa rin...tiisin mo na lang. Kaya mo na yan!" The words were like morale boosters for Mommy. The sort of lifted her spirits since fright was starting to creep in at this point. Mommy's really glad they allowed her to bring her phone with her she's still getting enough encouragement from her friends and of course from the family.

Pain was progressing that by 7pm, Dra. Rabano (mommy's anesthesiologist) decided to pump some Novaine on Mommy so she can go to sleep. This made Mommy really groggy. After that, Mommy's memories were blurry. Her consciousness would go on and off. But she vowed not to push until she sees Doc Chie's face so she was still praying that you will hold on also.

At some point, Mommy already lost track of time. She only heard somebody yell 9cm and Dra Rabano was already beside Mommy and coaching her how to push. When somebody said she's already fully dilated, Mommy was soooooo happy to see it was Doc Chie standing in front of her. But then, when Mommy tried to push the first time, she was really having so much difficulty. Doc Chie decided to find a bigger nurse to help Mommy push. After 4 tries, you finally came! Whew...Mommy just waited for you to move and she fell asleep. Hay. But it was a great feeling to deliver you baby. Mommy will never exchange that for anything in the world.

Friday, November 14, 2008

First Month on Mommyville

Our baby's turning a month old in 2 days. I am desperately trying to win a trophy from Supermom awards but I guess I will have to have years of experience before that dream becomes a reality. But despite the frustrations and the moments of desperation, there are fascinating discoveries that I will never trade for any prized trophy.

Here goes -

  • She can be really quiet on certain days and would become colicky on some. But on days when she has colic attacks, she loves it when Mommy rubs/massages her tiny tummy. I can tell it really soothes her because she would easily fall asleep after.
  • She loves it when Mommy puts her arm over her tiny body when sleeping. It's probably comforting and makes her feel secure.
  • She loves it when Daddy plops her down on his soft pillows and rocks her to sleep. Smile is a priceless reward he gets after this moment.
  • She enjoys sponge baths before her naps.
  • Playtime with her is around 8am to 10am and 8pm to 10pm.
  • She enjoys the feel of Mr. Suns rays on her face every morning.
  • Even if mommy is always out of tune, she loves hearing Mommy sing to her. It her little signal for bedtime.

Time flies really fast. I can't believe it's been a month. Sometimes, I still can't believe I can finally hold her. The sight of her really takes my breath away. Now I can finally say, motherhood indeed is an out of the world experience.

I love you Maia!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Perineal Massage

Thursday, November 6, 2008

endless challenges

Yesterday baby Mommy is worried sick. Your fever hit 39 and she could not think how this could happen to you. After all, she was very careful of you. But Mommy has to stay strong for you. She prays hard that you overcome this challenge as you did when you were still in her womb.

She's just glad you never showed any signs of diminishing appetite. You still are ravenous when it comes to drinking your milk. and for that Mommy is very thankful.

Since yesterday afternoon, your fever has already slowed down. Now you're down to 36-37 and that is really wonderful. On our return trip to the doctor today, let us hope for the best news. We'll keep praying.
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