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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Daydreams Of The Future

On quiet moments, you'd catch me and the husband staring at our little girl more often than usual.

Chubby cheeks still intact but when we hold her legs and thighs, we can see how strong this kid is growing up to be. Will she be a runner/sprinter? A soccer player (Like Tito Bogart and Tito Manuel)? A volleyball player (like her Tita Bim)? A swimmer perhaps? We wonder all the time.

Our mind would skip from scene to scene imagining us cheering by the sidelines from one game to another.

Yes, of all the things the husband and I wish for her to excel in, sports sits on top of our list. She is starting to be a voracious reader (because I am a bookworm, Mommy! [insert giggle]) and doodles her idle time away. And we still support these 100% but we believe that while these activities sharpen the mind, sports will help build and strengthen her character (resilience, competitive spirit, persistence to name a few). So yes, I hope soon you will find that one (or two, or even three) sport that will ignite your passion, little girl.

Soon, we can imagine you already joining me and daddy in fun runs. Longer than the 500m dashes that you used to participate in. We can start with that. She just might be the motivation that I've been looking for several months now having gone on plenty of running hiatuses since me and the husband ran that first full marathon in 2013.

Soon. Soon. Soon.

racing with her manong Gogol somewhere in Guimaras, c 2014

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