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Saturday, April 30, 2011

St Mikael Playhouse's Parent-Child Summer Program

Yesterday, we started the first of our 5 sessions for the summer with St. Mikael Playhouse's Parent-Child program.

I cannot believe how behaved Maia was althrough out the session considering that we had to travel all the way from Cavite just to be able to join this class. When we got to the school 40 minutes earlier than schedule, she was just ecstatic to get into the 'classroom' but patiently waited for the 'gates' to open.

When Teacher Josie called her into the room, she immediately took a seat and grabbed some crayons and drew away. A few minutes after, she asked: Mommy, wala ako classmates? (I don't have classmates?). Excited much, ano?

At around 8:40 kids starting coming and we were ready to start by 9am. It was a large class. Much larger than the class that we joined when we tried last February and half of the moms I was with were first-timers. It was a good mix - of 'veteran' waldorf parents and of newbies. I would like to think I am in the middle. Hehe.

Here's how our program was set to go. This is called the Rhythm of the Day:

9am Arrival
Change to indoor shoes/slippers (child and adult)
Towels hanged (one inside the toilet, the other near the front door)
9:05-9:40 am Free play/Art Activity
Toy-making (for parents)
9:40am Clean-up
9:45am Washing of hands/Toilet time
Setting the Table
10:00am Snack Time
10:15am Circle Time
10:20am Changing of shoes/slippers to outdoor shoes
Outdoor free play
Parents discussion/sharing time
10:45am Wash-up
10:55am Storytelling
11:00am Goodbye Song

I love the idea that kids use breakables and are taught to set the table themselves. After our trial class last February, we started using breakables for Maia too. And she's learning to be more careful with handling them. I like that this somehow helped tame her in the sense that she doesn't throw things as often as before.

The school prepares the snacks. And they are the organic, healthy type. During the trial class we were served rolled oats with yoghurt, apples and raisins and yesterday we had fresh fruits (pineapple, bananas and melons). I'm really happy because Maia always ask for seconds and even third servings. Normally, she would eat just a few pieces of pineapply and melons but yesterday was really different. I hope she'd start eating like that here at home. I'm already thinking of ways to improve our daily menu. Hehe.

I also like how teachers deal with each kid in a very gentle manner. And they transition to each activity by playing music (and not the loud kind, but soft gentle music). The teacher yesterday played the xylophone and this attracted the kids attention immediatly so it wasn't very difficult to transition from one activity to the other.

I know I'll have lots of stories to share after we've completed this class. But for now, let me share with you some photos that I took of Maia from yesterday.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mommy, Please Don't Go To Work!

Yes, she was down to the point of begging this morning. The last few days found me always in this difficult situation each waking morning. It seems like the 5 days that we were together everyday has made an impression on this little boss that Mommy is not working out of the house anymore. I always had to sit her down and explain to her why I have to leave for work. Of course, I never get to win her approval. We still end up with more tears rather than a smile.

I am happy though that despite her young age, she still listens to me. This morning I told her that Mommies really have to work to help Daddies. In fact all of her friends Mommies also go to work. I got a wail in response. But that meant she understood what I was saying. What she did apart from the wailing was to command her dad to lock our bedroom. Funny thing is, our bedroom's door is the sliding type so we never really attempted to install any locks on it. We just close it if we want some privacy. But I guess to her the mere thought of it being closed means I will be forced to stay inside under her watchful eye.

Before our recent 5-day vacation happened, she never really cared each time I leave in the morning. That actually made me sad at times. I mean, what Mother won't feel bad when each time she'd say good-bye all she gets is a nod and nothing else. I had to force a kiss and a hug from her each time I left for work so this sudden change of behavior surprised me a bit. But then again, she's really young. So I guess, she's entitled to be inconsistent for now.

I just hope this is a temporary thing though. Because even if this does not affect me anymore (surprised at myself too!), if this becomes a long-term issue then we might be force to fast track on some plans which we do not want to do prematurely.

I resolved to take this all in a stride. Am just crossing my fingers for tomorrow. Because I do not want to deal with more drama tomorrow as I already did today.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Big C and the Picky Eater

I did not expect her to be asking about the missing boobies this early.

But this morning while she was waiting for me to finish dressing up for work, she popped the question: "Mommy, san na (pointing to my left chest)?" (Mommy, where did it go?)

When we were in Antique, I was amazed at how my sister trained my nephew, Gogol, to eat his veggies and fruits. It turns out, she always tells him he'll get cancer if he doesn't eat healthy food. So Gogol does what he is told. He's a very good boy at the dining table. :))

It was a light bulb moment for me. When I heard the question I grabbed the opportunity to inject just enough scare factor on her so she can start eating right. Guess what, it worked! Right after our conversation she moved out of the room, pointed at the fruits on the table and asked for a serving. Talk of taking drastic measures. But a mom's gotta do what she has to do. Hehe.

Here's how the conversation went (sorry I had to share them in Tagalog):

Maia: Mommy, san na?
Me: Inalis ni Doc 'nak. Kasi nagkaroon si Mommy ng cancer kailangan tanggalin ni Doc para mawala na at gumaling si Mommy.
Maia: Ayaw ko ke doc, Mommy. Ayaw ko.
Me: Naku wag ka matakot ke Doc 'nak. Pinagaling nga nya si Mommy eh. Pero para ikaw wag magka-cancer dapat kumakain ka ng gulay at fruits. Si Mommy nung bata ayaw sa mga yun kaya ayan nagka-cancer.
Maia: (labas sa room) Mommy o...mangoes. Kain ako!

You should have seen the silly smile on my face. I just hope this conversation sticks to her memory long enough till her taste buds get use to them veggies and fruits.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I've been invited to try Time4Learning for one month in exchange for a candid review. Time4Learning can be used for homeschool, afterschool and summer skill sharpening.

Please do come back to read my personal thoughts about our experience on Time4Learning.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Homecoming treats

I come from a family who is quite liberal when it comes to religion. So holy week is never really holy in our household. But what we really look forward to during these times are our mini-reunions. Since my sister and I both had our own families and have been living away from home for quite sometime now, holy week vacations have become a much bigger treat for my parents and siblings. Of course, more than the idea of having the big sisters around it is the kids who really make these vacations extra special.

We are not big on home parties but we always try to find something special to do. Last year we checked in to a newly opened resort in Guimaras and toured the kids around the island to sea starfishes and sea anemones and various corals. They had a blast! This year though we did not have the luxury of time to go somewhere else other than Antique so we settled for a nice, quiet swim at a nearby beach. Kids still loved it!

I'm sharing some photos from our recent trip home. I can't wait for next year. I hope we'll have more time to bond by then!

(Yay! I'm just learning to navigate picasa and am really starting to love it! It's a very helpful tool for people like me who will never learn any photoediting software) Collage sidebar (counterclockwise from the top: my dad teaching Maia how to ride the tire swing while my nephew Gogol makes his crazy pose, kids enjoying an al fresco brekky with my centenarian grandma - 101 and counting!, Maia shopping for her own clay made cooking set, Huwadhuwad and Ibus from the Friday market, Maia and me by the sunset, Beautiful sunset at one of the nearby beaches, Maia's flower bouquet (yes she did the bouquet all by herself), Welcome to Antique sign!

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