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Who Is Maia?

No she was not born in May.

I just really wanted a Filipino sounding name but can't go for Maya (which is a local bird) because I already know somebody with that name. Since I also love the cartoon Captain Planet, I went for Maia which sounded like Gaea.

She goes by a second name Isobel which was taken from the name of the bassist of her dad's favorite band - Belle and Sebastian. But we just call her Maia at home.

I started this blog when I gave birth to Maia. I used to maintain a blog over at the defunct Multiply site but since that was closed, I migrated some of the entries there to here especially those documenting my pregnancy. I maintain another blog Turning Dreams To Reality (personal blog) and Fighting For Maia (blog I started when I was diagnosed with Malignant Phyllodes Tumor of the Breast in 2009).

Maia is now a kindergarten student and soon to be a grade schooler. How time flies right? She continues to put color to our days. And always never fail to put a smile on our faces with her wit and charm.

We love her to bits. Yes. Me and her Dad.

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