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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Curious and Curiouser

Today is one of those days we wish we had more of.

We had a good night's sleep (read: 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, hallelujah!). Maia and I cooked breakfast together and we ate it out in the garden (it's been sooooo long since we did that). I organized our art stuff and spent about an hour watching Maia's baby and toddler videos.

I guess all that reminiscing struck a chord on our little miss because she started asking a lot of questions. Questions which led to more questions and then later to her saying -- "Maybe in a billion years Mommy, someone will have answers to all my questions, no?" -- all that said in a rather broken voice and which eventually brought out tears and some meaningful insights from her.

You see she started her rally of questions with - "I wonder, Mommy, who decided that water should be called water. Or named the sun, "Sun"? and who thought of the dinosaurs? and asked if they ever existed?'

Who named this place Tagaytay?
It was a loooooot of questions thrown at me in about a minute. I had to catch my breath before I answer. Well...I needed to sit down actually. And stand up again to take out some books to back my answers out. And in case I ran out of things to say, I can just hand the books over to her to read.

So I attempted to answer. I think I did pretty well considering the situation. Then she started asking about careers and professions. What these and that do. How important are they in this world. Some questions were just technical for me and I just wasn't equipped yet. Should expose her to more "community" helpers, I guess.

But I'm thankful for that publishing house with the "S" logo for helping me out on situations that would've have been difficult for me to get out of.

For now, we leave our little miss with some homework to do during this one week break from school.

My takeaway from this day is that being intentional has no boundaries. and I guess, the husband and I realizing early on how much our words and actions is impacting our kid kind of paid of right now. Hearing my daughter's thoughts about what path she'd like to take when she grows up and asking herself what taking that career would do to save the world is a little fascinating at this point. I forced myself to remember how I was back to when I was 9 and I don't think I was this conscious about my choices yet.

But we continue to pray - for wisdom and for mindfulness to always be present to me and my husband -- so that no matter what our little girl chooses later on, she would always take with her all the values we're teaching now.

Dearest Maia,

I told you today - if you ever choose to be a writer, or pursue being a fashion designer, or maybe take an entirely different path later on -- just remember that as long as you as joyful with your choice everything else will follow. The struggles won't be as hard to take on if you LOVE what you're doing. Choose that. 

I've taken a looong break from filling up this place but our conversation today inspired me to write again. I want to put my memory of how this day went here because as you know, Mommy is very forgetful already. 

You were very concerned that if you "just" become a writer or a fashion designer it might not help the world at all. That they are NOT as important as the work of a scientist. or a doctor. or that person that dug up and discovered the dinosaurs. 

But you what, the lives of this people, or their discoveries might not reach others. They will need writers to tell their stories and share their discoveries. Fashion designers can be vital to saving the environment too. You can come up with clothes that upcycle so not a lot of stuff end up in dumpsites. 
Opportunities are limitless. Keep your heart pure and your intentions good. Stay compassionate.

Love you to the universe and back,
Mommy and Daddy
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