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Sunday, June 27, 2010

On your 20th month... started mimicking almost every word we say. We knew we had to be conscious with what we're saying around you before that but hearing you repeat after us made us realize we need to be extra cautious even more. started kicking your little pink ball. I was dumbstricken I jumped for joy yet again. <Mothers seem to always exaggerate don't they, but it seems to be an inevitable my dear>. When you saw how happy I was you ran around the house with that ball shouting, kick ball! kick ball! You really know how to spoil Mommy. got sick again. It was that relentless Rhinitis again which led to Tonsils being swollen and to eventually you having no appetite again for the next couple of days. Mommy was worried. But your smiling face always makes me feel secure. Thank you for that sweetie.
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