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Friday, August 20, 2010

A Baggy Confession

I have a secret love affair with bags.

I say secret because you can never tell that by looking at me. Or by looking at my lousy bag collection.

I do not own a pricey bag. Or a flashy bag. My bag acquisitions were always fueled by the demise of its predecessor. You probably get the picture by now.

Now that I've become a mommy, my love affair has shifted to diaper bags. I'd ogle at diapers bags I'd see online or while window shopping. But despite this over fascination, my attitude hasn't changed yet. I still am the same ol stingy Faye that I was before I became a mommy.

But I think I am going to be a convert soon from being the stingy diaper bag crazy mom that I am. And I think Manilababyshop has a lot to do with that. And even without my financial advisor's blessing (a.k.a. The Hubby) I'm starting to save my allowance to buy maia and myself a piece of this multi-functional, stylish and very affordable diaper bags.

And since they have a contest going on, I am trying my luck as well :)) Head on to the Manilababy Shop's multiply site and check out their collection. You might find one that you'll like too!

Please see contest mechanics here. Good fellow mommies! :))

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello Toy Kingdom

When we woke up on Sunday morning, we told the little one that we're going to visit Jesus. I was shocked when she responded - "Simba, Mommy? Hello Jesus." It's really amazing how fast kids can pick up these days.

The last time we heard mass at the Baclaran Church was when we learned we were pregnant.Last Sunday, we brought that baby with us. She was surprisingly quiet and patient the entire time we were inside the Church. It didn't bother her that it was a bit crampy and humid. I guess she's finally realized that simba means silence. :))

After mass, we went to MOA to buy her shoes because she's outgrown her only pair within 2 months :( We decided to drop by Toy Kingdom so the little one can have her own time. Believe it or's Maia's first time inside Toy Kingdom.

I was so scared we might run into Mr. Mega-Tantrum while we were inside but the little girl was so behaved the entire 1 hour that we were inside the store.


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