Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Approaching the home stretch...

Just 57 more days to go! For several weeks now you have been keeping Mommy awake on the wee hours of the morning. Daddy discerns you are indeed a night person and 3 am is when you start making your stretches for the day.

But Mommy cannot complain. When she was just 3 months along, she was already wishing she could feel you move so she'd always be assured that you are indeed growing inside her tiny tummy. Now the tummy's not that tiny anymore. It has swelled up to great proportions and Mommy cannot deny, she sometimes feel like a penguin when she walks. Sometimes you would start poking her near the ribs and she can't help but cry out. She was pretty sure you heard her so she makes a mental note to stifle the cries next time. Just so you won't get offended or anything. Because the pokes maybe painful but Mommy welcomes them whole heartedly.

Only thing is, Daddy gets upset when Mommy tries to wake him up too at 3am. But then Mommy assured him it's gonna be that way soon anyways so he might as well get used to it. But Daddy does not yield. Despite Mommy relentless call for him to wake up, he's only response is a louder snore. But Mommy knows he will come around pretty soon. Maybe sooner that expected. *wink*wink.

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