Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hospital Ocular at 33 weeks

Good morning Maia!

Last weekend, Mommy and Daddy went to check on the hospital where they're expecting you to be born. It was okay. Met Mom and Dad's expectations added bonus was most of the people who knew Mommy's planning to give birth there has nothing but good feedback to share so that takes away Mommy's worries.

Doc Chie was a bit surprised when she realize you're homecoming is just about 6 weeks away. Mommy thinks she's just as excited as she and Daddy is. She was kidding Mommy though about Caesarean birth...but no...Mommy will prove she can do this. You're helping her right???

Last night, Mommy also packed up more of the stuff both of you will be needing come D-day! She's almost about 90% done. Good thing she made a list of all the stuff she needs to pack. Mommy's getting really forgetful lately. She sometimes wonders if she's transferred all her brain cells to you. But that's okay...anything to make Maia better is okay with Mommy.

Now that we're almost done with the packing, it's only Daddy who's still got a long list of to-dos. Let all hope he gets them all done before you come home. We can't wait baby...we are just soooo excited to welcome you.

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