Monday, September 29, 2008

One more battle to hurdle (Haaaay...)

Just barely five more weeks to go but the challenges we are forced to hurdle seem to be endless. Saturday morning we went to take my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test which was actually ordered by my OB only as a sort of precautionary measure. She never requested to me to undergo testing because she found something unusual in my recent check up. Neither of us expected that it would usher in additional worries.

Per my OB’s instructions, I woke up at around 5am Saturday to fix myself an early breakfast. It was a light one consisting only of a cup of oatmeal and milk. After that I went back to sleep till 830am. My OGCT appointment was at 9am and we arrived at the clinic 5 minutes early. I took the glucose concoction at around 930am and was asked to come back at around 1025 so the lab technician could take a sample of my blood for testing. We were to come back for the results in the afternoon, just in time for my regular weekly check up with the OB.

At 4pm, the Hubby went up to the Lab to get my results. We got the shock of our lives when we saw the results. My sugar level was almost double the normal range. My initially reaction was of disbelief. How could this happen when I was very careful with my diet all through out my pregnancy. I still kept thinking the lab just screwed up with the test. I told myself not to panic and wait for my OB’s advise. The hubby was quiet all this time. I guess, he was also caught in a web of disbelief himself. He was after all the main witness of how cautious I was with my diet. He knew this was one of my worst fears. He’s probably thinking of how he can comfort me when the panic sets in.

A few minutes past and my OB came in. She called us in and had this to say, “What happened????!!??” I could only shrug my shoulders in response. She asked me if I ate or drank anything before the lab gave me the glucose mixture and told her the last time I ate was at 5am, just as she told me to. All this time, she had this worried look plastered on her face. By then I realized we are again facing one more crisis on this pregnancy. That was when I blurted out my earlier thoughts. How could this happen, I was so careful with my diet. I could count the times I ate dessert since I became pregnant. I was a dessert monster before but I gave that all up upon confirming my pregnancy. All this time, I told myself to stay away from chocolates because they were poison. And I did stay away from them as much as I can. I might have snuck in a morsel or two. But they were literally morsels and I only did that twice in the past 8 months. But then my OB told me, it was probably because of the genes knowing that my aunt is currently having a tough fight with diabetes. Then she told us, all we can do now is find a way to treat the diabetes before I go into labor. We have roughly about 5 weeks to do that. It’s gonna be tough but we just have to stay optimistic that we get this fixed before our baby comes out.

So she went to get me an appointment with a diabetic specialist. Monday came, I went off to see this doctor. And just as I expected she too was worried upon seeing my OGCT results. Normally, she said they would really suggest insulin shots for sugar levels that high. But thankfully, she too was doubtful of the results. So she’s ordering more tests before she prescribes the insulin shots. Now, she’s placing me on a stricter diet. But this same diet is almost similar to the diet I have been observing the past 8 months. Come Thursday, I will again take two more tests to confirm/(un)confirm the earlier findings.

While we count the remaining days before Maia’s arrival, all we can do is hope and pray (really hard) that it does not get more complicated than this. I can only wish that my baby won’t suffer much at birth. Prayers and a stricter diet are the only weapons I have right now for my baby and me. Haaay...I am really trying my best to stay strong and not let worry overcome me.


mae punsalan said...

siiissss!!!! our prayers are with you! ako din takot magka gestational diabetes kasi me lahi din ako. Papa ko ang meron nuon. :( Nagddiet din nga ako eh sa food na kinakain ko. Though there are times na di ko maiwasan kumain ng sweets and madaming fruits. Hayyy ang hirap noh? :( Dont worry, pgppray namin kayo. Just hang on. muah! God bless!

Faye Pachoco-Paras said...

thanks mae! sana nga maayos pa. medyo late na din na detect eh. di rin ata nag duda OB kse wlang manifestation physically. :( nakakaiyak pag naririninig ko explanation nung diabetologist regarding sa implications sa baby. haaaaay... :(

mae punsalan said...

Oo nga noh? Kontakan mo din si weng ni jones. kasi ganun din nangyari sa kanya kaya sumobra laki ni gavin nuong pinanganak sya. Gulp, me lahi din silang diabetes. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... pero kaya natin to. Diet lang ulit.

Faye Pachoco-Paras said...

oo cge thanks! tanungin ko nga din sya. pero ung baby normal size pa sya til now. di nmn ako nag gain pa din masyado. last sat weight ko 15lbs pa lng na gain. haaaay. dasal lng. matinding dasal. sabi ko ke God binigay na nya ung baby so cguro nmn aalagaan nya til makalabas. buti nga malikot. naaassure ako.

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