Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crocheting for Dummies

Since Maia started going to Waldorf Kindergarten this summer, I have forced myself to learn being crafty. I've had my short crafty moments when I was younger (learned embroidery, cross-stitching, bead-making to name a few) but those were mostly fueled by boredom so I never got to really passionately learn them or develop a skill. I easily dropped them when something new came up and never really looked back. 

Now that I'm a mom to a very curious and adventurous preschooler, I sort of regret not developing that crafty side of me. 

But, thank God for You Tube! At least I had online tutorials for my weekly projects. 

From cutting and pasting and tying japanese lantern paper, I've decided to move the scale a notch higher and aim for more ambitious projects. I've listed down several projects that the little girl and I can do together, but I wanted to do something like a dolls or a toy maybe for Maia to play with.

Since Maia is fond of our storytelling activities I decided to try my hand at crocheting finger puppets. I have yet to really start on it but I am hoping to jump into it when Maia finishes her summer sessions. 

For now, I leave you with this tutorials from You Tube. I do hope I can make similar puppets to this one video.

And maybe I'll make crocheted flowers like these too. Yay, I'm getting quite excited at the thought of it! I can't wait to start on this project! I promise to post pictures once I've completed at least one.

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