Monday, August 29, 2011

Arts-n-Crafts: Maia's Pencil Holders

I am still recovering from my odontectomy 3 days ago so I thought I'd spend the entire stretch of my no work Monday in bed. I was really grateful that Maia was very cooperative and never threw a single tantrum when I told her Mommy needs to rest and couldn't carry her for the meantime. Come midday however, I couldn't take it anymore. I just had to get up and make myself useful. I thought of doing some arts and crafts with Maia but I cannot think of a project so I scanned old issues of Playhouse Disney hoping to get ideas and lucky me, I came across this project.

A page from an old issue of Playhouse Disney that is full of Maia's doodles
I checked my stash if I have all of the materials on hand and fortunately, I did have most of them. I thought I could improvise on the other materials that I don't have. What's even better is I can finally do something useful out of the toilet paper rolls that I have been saving for sometime now. I got inspired to try arts and crafts activities with Maia by a fellow n@wie and momblogger Maqui so I have since been collecting (well more of accumulating) art materials in case the inspiration hits me.

Here are the materials we used to make this project:
- Japanese paper
- Goggly eyes (2 pairs)
- Foam cut outs
- Glue
- Scissors
- Tissue Paper Rolls
- Cardboard (we just recycled from one of Maia's toybox)
- Pen/Marker
Some googly eyes and torn Japanese paper

I was initially aiming for full participation from Maia but unfortunately, she found amusement in cutting the rest of the cardboard so I didn't force her. I decided to just continue with the project hoping to eventually catch her interest before I actually finish the project.

Well mid-way through, I did got her to participate by tasking her to put glue on the tissue roll but I eventually did the rest of the project on my own. (Note to self: do research on more age appropriate arts and crafts activities)

Glue finally got her attention!
Still, I was happy to see one beaming little girl when I showed her the finished product. She kept making Meow-meow sounds because she thought those were Kitty Pencil Holders we were making (when we were in fact making Mice versions hahaha). Manang also joined us on the latter part of the activity and was in fact the one who decided to put cardboards at the other end of the roll so Maia can put to use these pencil holders (instead of just throwing them around).

I am really starting to get the hang of these crafty adventures and I love how I surprise even myself sometimes (I was never good at ART but now...I am starting to really believe that I have potential Wahaha.)

TADAHHHHH! (so proud of this I must say haha)

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