Sunday, August 7, 2011

Caught on Video: Maia Draws A Story

I recorded the first part of this drawing session in my phone and the hubby wasn't very happy at how it turned out to be (super low resolution) so I had to take out the camera and asked her to describe again what her drawing was about. You could really tell that her attention span is already expanding because in the past she would most probably disregard our question and drop the entire activity and move on to a new one. She was restless like that. And most days, she really hates the attention and would cry for me to stop taking her videos. But these days (well for the last week at least), she's been very cooperative and seemed to understood why Mommy is fuzzing over her a lot.

Amazing really how she can now come up with a story without our prodding. Mind you, she just asked for a piece of paper here and shouted - "drawing ako, drawing ako". So I took out some scratch papers and handed her some. She initially wanted to write her name. I showed her how an 'M' is done but she ended up making a rectangle. She laughed at her version. Then she started doodling (zigzags mostly, she likes making those these days) I asked her to draw me a flower because I could sense her restlessness. Voila! This is what she ended up with. Do we really have a story teller in the making here?

Maia making good use of her markers.

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Nerissa "Jeng" Remo-Aquino said...

Super like! Ang galing mo Maia! Pasakay kami ni Naomi & Nathan sa airplane mo ha :)

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