Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fun Way To Teach Toddlers About Colors

Ever since Maia stepped into the active, adventurous and exciting world of toddler-hood, we try to make our bonding activities interesting and at the same time educational. We never try to force her to learn anything but each time she shows an interest on learning something new, we take that lead and evaluate the resources we have and come up with a fun activity.

Let me share with you one activity that Maia really enjoyed doing. She learned her basic colors from this activity. She's already moved on to more age appropriate activities these days like painting, coloring and scribbling but we enjoyed this for some time. You can use colored plastic cups in lieu of the nesting cups we used here. We just had these balloons on hand because Maia went through this balloon crazy phase so we opted to stock up on mini balloons and a hand pump. Who knew we would find other use for these thingies too...hehe.
pumping some air into a mini red balloon

Here comes my favorite part of the week again. I hope the weather will remain sunny this time so we can all enjoy some outdoor time as well!

an old balloon from her first bday makes for a perfect doodle page

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