Saturday, August 20, 2011

Can You Hear Me Squeal With Delight?

Little Girl Making Good Use of Shirt Racks At The Mall

What's a beautiful noise to you? To me they are my daughter's shrieks and squeals. They always seem to radiate pure, unadulterated bliss.

On a recent and quite rare trip to the mall the little girl was just in that mood! Being put on house arrest for several days probably rendered this little girl really bored (due to the rainy weather mostly) that when Lola told her she should come visit her "tindahan" she was going over her head with excitement. When we were on our way, she refused to sleep despite the long travel from Cavite to the city.

When we got to the mall we had a few errands to run but she didn't mind. She treated the entire department store as her playground and made use of clothes racks and display boxes as her hiding places. She was screaming, "hanap mo ako Mommy!!!!" (find me Mommy!) that made even the sales ladies at the store laugh.

She didn't realized the display shelf had an opening at the other side.
She shrieked when she saw me standing behind her. 

I should have taken a video of this hide and seek session.
Her shrieks are so contagious even the sales ladies ended up laughing.

Good thing nobody was around when she was hiding in this rack of white shirts! Lolz.
After putting her dad and me into a rigorous instant workout we went back to my Mom at the trade fair in the hopes that we could assist her. That never happened though because the mini bahay-kubo that was on display at the fair immediately caught Maia's attention. She didn't waste time claiming the kubo all for herself. She wouldn't share it with the other kids. She was singing bahay-kubo non-stop and was running around jumping and pointing to the plants as if they were the plants in the bahay kubo song.

This Kubo Is Mine

Bahay Kubo, Kahit Munti...
I wish I can freeze moments like these. Or put them in a time capsule so I can playback anytime I wish to be in that moment.

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