Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maia's Fave: Georgie, the stuffed monkey

I'd like to introduce you to Georgie. She is Maia's pet stuffed monkey. Maia believes she is Georgie's mommy. Since Georgie came into our life he's also witnessed every adventure we've been on. Maia always makes sure she doesn't leave him behind every time she leaves the house. Georgie has been a loyal buddy to Maia. Maia likes to read stories to him, cook for him, paint for him, draw for him, ride the train with him. 

We found Georgie one fateful December morning while searching for Christmas gifts for Maia's village friends in SM Molino. He was in this big basket of toys for sale. Maia had several animal stuffed toys already and we were thinking of building a stuffed animal zoo for her so when we saw Georgie we thought he'd be a great addition to Maia's animal zoo. Tibs checked the price and it was being sold for P50. Yes you read it right, we bought Georgie for just 50 bucks. He is proof that happiness need not be expensive. 

I hope this little adorable monkey will remain by Maia's side till she has a child of her own. She will definitely have a lot of stories to tell when that happens. (ang layo na ng tinakbo ng isip ko no? hehe)

p.s. Georgie was named by the way, after that popular cartoon monkey Curious George.
Georgie as captured by his Mommy Maia
Greenbelt,Dec 2009. First time she took Georgie out to some place fancy
Love at first sight. Lolz
Eden Nature Park, Aug 2011. teaching Georgie how to wrestle with a carabao. 
Jack's Ridge. Aug 2011. Feeding Georgie

Daddy's Garden, Feb 2011. Making sure Georgie isn't left behind during pack up time.
Playground, Feb 2011. Playing pretend bedtime at 7am. 

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