Tuesday, February 7, 2012

St. Mikael Playhouse - Summer Events and Talk With Dr. Cricket Chen

I received this from the mail. Some parents might be interested to learn about Waldorf kindergarten here's your chance to get a glimpse of it. And Dr. Cricket is also Maia's pediatrician and we love her! You might just learn a lot from her on this talk too.

Dear Parents!
Join us on Thursday, March 8 and learn more about Summer events and programs for the upcoming school year at
And we're honored to have pediatrician Dr Cricket Chen as our guest speaker, who will talk about common childhood illnesses, and how they contribute to your child's over all development. Dr Cricket's practice is a combination of conventional and natural medicine, with great emphasis on the promotion of health, essential to the incarnating child.
Email St.Michael.Playhouse@gmail.com to reserve your seat! Or text 0917 847 0848.
See information below. Feel free to forward to those that may be interested!

G/f, ISIP Center, 6241 Palma cor MaƱalac Sts.
Bgy. Poblacion, Makati City (near Rockwell)
Mobile: 0917 847 0848
Facebook: Look up 'St Michael Playhouse Makati'

"Where is the book in which the teachers can read about what teaching is? The children are this book." – Rudolf Steiner

Maia is going to be overaged for the Parent-child program but if this daycare is anyway nearer where we live, this would definitely come first on my prospective school list. Maia had so much fun last summer she still have fond memories of her friends there and of the nurturers. She still calls St Mikael her 'school'. 

But for now, I am shelving my dream of sending my kid to a Waldorf school  but who knows it could still happen one day. 

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