Monday, February 27, 2012

This Is It. ON to the Next Chapter.

We've finally come to a decision. Well actually it was partly Maia who decided where she's finally going. This morning while I was dressing up for work, she approached me and said "Mommy, sandali lang to ha. Wait mo lang ako. Tapusin ko lang si Handy Manny tapos alis na tayo." 

"San tayo pupunta 'nak?" (me already preparing to leave for work. bubble thought: i don't have time to deal with tantrums. please don't throw one now, little girl)

"Sa Seton." 

I got her to sit on my lap and gently told her it's a Monday and Mommy's off to work already. She pouted and sobbed a bit but was quick to collect herself ("Okay Mommy next time na lang ang Seton ha?") and proceeded to kiss and hug me bye-bye. It was a good thing her dad was taking the day off from work yesterday so I didn't have to feel so guilty leaving her like that.

Tibs picked up the admission results early yesterday and immediately relayed it to me, I thought hmmm she probably knew that she aced the assessment exam (remembering our conversation that morning). hahaha. pinangunahan na kami.

We have decided we will take this a year at a time. And for now, this is what we think is the best choice for our little girl so we're going to give this a try. It's a good thing we've already made our own decision before we were handed the admission results because the school is not giving us a lot of time to think things over as we only have until Mar 9 to decide if we're giving it a go or not. Of course the answer is yes. I just didn't realize enrollment deadlines come this early. Oh well, we know better next year. At least we'll be more prepared. I just have to say this though -- HINDI TALAGA BIRO ANG MAGPAARAL!!!!

I'd frame this if I could! (FOR REFERENCE this is what those 3 pertain to: )
  • Cognitive - generally refers to mental skills
  • Affective - pertains to attitude, social skills
  • Psychomotor - physical and manual skills.
Dearest Maia,

I'd like you to know that you made Dad and me very proud today. Bear in mind though that regardless of the result/s of the endeavors you chose to take in the future, Dad and me will always be here to hold your hand and support you. And now, we're starting a new journey in our life soon -- you finally going to big school -- we share your enthusiasm because we see how ecstatic you are about it. Every morning you'd wake up and announce, I'm going to school! I'm going to school! You make Dad and me laugh every time you do that. I hope this school is the right place for you. But let's help each other okay? We'll take this a step at a time.

We decided to enroll you in big school because we saw how ready you were. But if in the middle of all this, you'd suddenly feel you haven't had enough of play time at home yet just know that Dad and me will never pressure or force you to keep going. We will take your lead. 

This year seems to have a lot in store for us. Oh just the thought of it makes my heart leap already. We're so happy for you little girl. We love you very much!

Daddy and Mommy


Techno_green said...

Thats good new for you, im also in a school hunt mode this month. she'll come back at ESS cavite for assesment this april 25. hope she pass the test, they said that she can take K1, even if this is her first schoolyear. ESS said that the adjust theage bracket to accomodate the k12 program.

Faye Paras said...

Hi Techno_green,

This is going to be Maia's first year in school too and Seton screened her for K1 already. They adjusted the age brackets of the kids so Maia's going to be overaged if we insist on putting her in Nursery. And we think too that she's emotionally ready for it so we're not really worried. Hope everything goes well for you and your little girl :) Who knows, Maia and her mind end up as classmates pa :)

che said...

hello faye,i would like to ask sana what schedule ng pre-school sa seton?musta ang turo?yung guardian ba allowed sa loob ng classroom?how much rates ng school bus?thank you so much...:)

faye paras said...

Hi Che,

Preschool sched: Morning session 7:20-10:20; Mid session 11-2pm (2 sections each sched around 25-30kids per class)

Like any traditional school setting medyo heavy sa acads. Lots of seatworks, weekly quizzes and mastery tests every quarter. So far, we're lucky with the teachers. Fit naman personality with Maia's. School service fees depends on how far your location is from the school. Only accredited school service can enter in the school premises. We pay P2700/month.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Is it okay to ask how much ang tuition sa Seton? Thank you!

faye paras said...

Hi twinpopsies depends on the level but ranging from 50-60k for preschool exclusive of books and uniforms. Grade school is btwn 70-80K

CoreyG said...

Hello Ms. Faye,. I'm now scouting school for my upcoming pre-schooler.. May I ask if Maia is still studying at Seton until now? Ca you please share how was the output or result to your daughter after studying in Seton? Do you think the tuition fee is really worth it for the quality of education that our kids might get? Really hpe to receive a reply from you. Thanks in advance..

faye paras said...

Hi CoreyG,

Yes she's still in Seton. We are happy with how she's thriving in Seton and we like how independent she's become. But I also believe that every kid is unique and it's important to know what their learning style is before picking a school for them. Involve your kid in your school hunting. If possible, get feedback from him/her.

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