Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Frustrated Incorporated

Hello Maia

It's 730pm and Mommy is still at work. It was supposed to be good day for us. After all, we're leaving for vacation tomorrow and there's a BIG reason for us to get excited because this is going to be another FIRST for you. First trip out of Luzon, First time to board an airplane, First time to visit Antique, First time to go to the beach....Mommy could go on.

But then Daddy had to ruin it. Again. :( Sometimes, Mommy wonders why it always ends up like this. It's becoming a very frustrating attempt for her all time. She gets tired thinking of it.

It's a good thing baby...that at the end of ALL this, she has YOU to look forward to.

She called home awhile ago. You are already asleep. She felt guilty. But then she has to make choices sometimes. And compromises are always what's sitting next to the BEST. We have to make do with that for now. I love you baby. Always bear in mind that all this is for YOU.

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