Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ME time turned Maia time and some Reftlections after

Today I finally got to go out for my well-deserved ME time. I and a college friend, Manet, went to get ourselves pampered. I had a foot paraffin and massage done. It felt really great. I also intended to do some personal shopping but I guess my mother’s instinct got the best of me. While I was waiting for Manet, I took the extra time I had to check out new stuff at the infant section of one of my favorite department stores. I went home with these baby stuffs for Maia. I could say that I am happier now seeing my purchases. I can’t say I’d be any happier had I bought stuff for myself instead. 

After our much needed pampering, my friend and I heard mass at the greenbelt chapel. The homily was one of the most memorable homily I have ever heard. Why, you might ask? Well because after today, I vowed to stop questioning God’s intervention (or the lack of it) in my life.

Today, God gave me the answers that I need to keep my faith going.   So much has been happening with me (and my family) this past three months that I started questioning God’s motives in sending us all these challenges. I keep telling myself to accept them because God has his own reasons why he wants us to go through all of these challenges. In the back of my mind though, I keep asking…why would God make me go through pain again and again? Doesn't he get tired of hearing my prayers time and again? Isn't he supposed to be a Good and Compassionate God?  

But it turns out; God was not the source of all these sufferings. It was the DEVIL himself. And I guess he wanted me so bad he’s doing everything to get my attention. He was almost lucky. But I am glad I went to hear mass today. God helped me find the right path.

Now I am all better.

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