Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Maia's First Vacation

Maia's going on her first plane trip today. We're visiting my parents in Antique and stopping over in Iloilo and Guimaras for some summer fun before finally relaxing at home with my parents.

I started packing for Maia last week. This list help me a lot since it's difficult to travel with so many luggage and an infant in tow. Now I think we just packed right.

Here's a helpful article by  to help us Mommies pack up for our babies

Travelling With Your Baby

It may take a little extra planning and organisation, but travelling with a baby does not have to be the nightmare some parents imagine!

The Items You'll Need When Travelling With Baby

  • Baby first aid kit
  • Enough food and milk for your trip (always bring more than you think you'll need!)
  • Water and juice(if appropriate)
  • Diapers/nappies and wipes
  • Scented diaper bags
  • Disposable bibs or a wipe clean bib
  • Feeding bowl and utensils
  • Food warming equipment
  • Sun protection
  • Your baby's blanket - its familiar scent will be reassuring
  • Spare clothes for baby AND you
  • Spare pacifiers/dummies (if needed)
  • Breast pump (if needed)
  • Nightlight (great for night feeds in hotel rooms, which can be very dark
  • Baby sling or carrier
  • Sterilising equipment
Useful but optional extras include a portable high chair and a travel crib/cot, which allow a great deal of freedom when travelling.


  • If possible, breastfeed your baby - by far the easiest option when travelling! If you need to express, you can safely keep breastmilk in a cooler with ice for up to 24 hours.

  • If baby is formula fed, you can pre-make the feeds and keep them cool, or use "ready to drink" cartons of formula. Alternatively, measure baby's formula into bottles, then mix with boiled water as required.

  • If you ask for bottles to be warmed for you, always check the temperature of the milk VERY carefully before giving it to your baby.

  • Pack portions of solid foods into a cooler, with ice. Alternatively, bring foods that can be easily mashed "en route" and served at room temperature - avocado or banana, for example.

  • If your baby is old enough, bring plenty of finger foods - they will help keep him occupied during the journey!

  • If you need to sterilise feeding equipment, consider bringing a microwave steriliser bag, disposable sterilising bags or pre-sterilised bottle liners.

Top Travel tips

If you're travelling by road ...
  • Think about driving at night, or coincide part of the journey with baby's daytime nap.

  • Always place your baby's car seat in the rear of the car and make sure you operate the doors' child safety locking system.

  • Infants require a rear-facing car seat, not a forward-facing car seat like their older siblings use

  • Many parents prefer buying an "infant travel system." When you use an infant travel system, the baby's car seat unlatches from a base which stays attatched to the back seat of your car...and then it pops into a stroller mounting when you reach your destination. Baby stays napping, without having to be lifted out of a car seat and re-strapped into a stroller. (see photos to right)

  • Use removeable window shades to shield your baby from the sun.

  • If driving during the day, stop every 2-3 hours - the break is good for your baby AND for you!

If you plan to fly with your baby ...
  • If you can afford it, consider buying an extra seat - infants under 2 fly free, but are expected to sit on your lap throughout the flight. Alternatively, call the airline in advance and request an infant sky cot/bassinet

  • Bring a stroller or car seat carrier to use at the airport - you can usually keep it with you until you reach the departure gate.

  • Ask if there are any empty seats on your flight when you check in. If so, ask if you can be seated next to one - you'll be glad of the extra room!

  • Breast or bottle feed your baby on take-off and landing, to avoid ear pain.

  • Offer your baby plenty of drinks throughout the flight - flying can be very dehydrating.

  • Always ask for baby food/milk to be warmed BEFORE your baby is screaming with hunger - there is no microwave in the aeroplane galley, so warming the food may take some time.

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