Sunday, April 26, 2009

Photos and Memories

I love looking at pictures. Especially at pictures of things long passed. They always bring a wide grin to my face.   I love looking at pictures of past travels. It makes me realize how lucky I’ve been to have had the chance to see and meet peoples of different cultures. It reminds me to be grateful for the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of life’s diversity first hand.   I also love looking at pictures of me and my family. It immediately establishes lost connections and bonds gone loose.  It makes me pick up that phone and send a message or two to my parents and siblings. It reminds me to drop a call to an aunt or uncle. It makes me feel at home again regardless of the location where I’m at.   I also love looking at pictures of me and my friends. It brings me back to good, good times with people that I’ve been most vulnerable with. It brings me that sense of belongingness especially on days when I feel so alone. It gives me comfort knowing that there are people who learned to accept me despite my shortcomings.   I most especially love to look at pictures of my very OWN family. It makes me call on to God and send praises to Him for making me whole. It motivates me to keep on striving to be excellent in what I do. It reminds me that I am and will always be LOVED.

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