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I Got Myself A Liebster Award!

Taking a break from talking about the kid to share little bits of me this time. This is a response to a tag by a blogging mommy that I am a super fan of. Thanks for the tag, Pepper! You can view her heartwarming stories of her pretty little A and the rest of her beautiful family over at days in a wagon.

And by the way, this is my first award too! So thanks again for sharing it with me!

Before I respond to the questions, I was supposed to share bits of trivia about me. I will try my hardest to come up with 11 as my brain is still kind of hungover from the weekend's hectic run. So let's see:

-I was never sporty when I was young but for health reasons I have since been religiously exercising and have been running for 3 years now. I am currently training with my husband for my first full-marathon (that's roughly 42 kilometers for those who are wondering how that is) which I hope to do early next year. 

-I am a true blooded probinsiyana (from a small qiuet town in Western Visayas). And despite living away for more than 10 years now, I still get bitten by homesickness every once in a while so I always make sure I get to go 'home' at least once a year. 

-I am the eldest among 5 siblings. Yet, I am the smallest. 

-I love to cook. Apart from blogging, cooking is another activity that helps me de-stress.

-My favorite part of the house is the bathroom and the kitchen. If I win the lottery, those two are going to be my renovation priority!

-I am addicted to coffee (any kind - instant, brewed, rice, corn hahaha) and I the longest I have been off it was about a year (9 months I was pregnant and 2 months that I breastfed). 

-I don't like keeping (cleaning and organizing, mostly) the house so usually it's my husband who does that.

-I once dreamed to be a preschool teacher. But now that I had a glimpse of how Maia's few hours in school were, I totally stopped thinking about it. Ang hirap pala!

-I'm a big fan of grunge (and alternative) music. 

-Booksale and the grocery/supermarket are my happy places.

-I had to cheat a little and grab from one of the list in my facebook notes (facebook had a lot of those memes before). I think this is an interesting fact and I hope my little girl will find her own BFF one day: I'm still bestfriends with my bestfriend since grade school. That's almost 30 years of friendship and counting.

And here are my answers to Pepper's questions:

What is your favorite  comfort food?
Anything with sabaw (soupy). But chicken arroz caldo and lomi would top the list. 
For dessert, cake or ice cream? Why?
Cake. I have terribly sweet teeth but between a cold dessert and something off the oven, I would always grab for the latter. Red velvet with cream cheese topping is a favorite (no particular brand but the best I've tasted so far was from Cukay's)
The beach or the mountains? Why?
The mountains. Was never fond of the beach because I never learned to swim. And I've always longed for the colder breeze that the mountains bring rather than the salty, humid breeze from the beach. 
Whats good about blogging?
It's very therapeutic. And I think it saved me a lot of money because I get to type down and organize my thoughts here before they explode in my brain and require me to book an appointment with a shrink (not that I'm underestimating the importance of talking to a professional when necessary).
Whats not so good about it?
I tend to get carried away and talk a lot about my loved ones, and that sometimes gives the public a glimpse unto my private life. So as much as I can, I always try to leave a post overnight so I can edit and edit and edit some details before hitting the publish button. (although I know not a lot of people read this anyways, so I'm partly thankful for that)
Who or what serves as your inspiration when writing a post?
My daughter most definitely. That's why I dedicated this entire blog to her!
How long does it usually take you to write a post?
Some days when I'm really inspired about 30 mins max. Some days it takes me weeks to polish a post. Can't really tell since I haven't written a lot yet anyways.
What makes a certain photo blog post worthy?
Good quality photos. Details. Emotions. Facial expressions. Colors.
How long have you been blogging?
Hmm give or take, 5 years. I started a blog in multiply to document our wedding planning.
What inspired you to pen a blog?
I tend to be forgetful. And I fear I would forget the important details of my girl's growing up years so I thought this is the best way to make a record of all the milestones not only of her but of our family as well.
Whats the story behind your blog name?
This blog was named after my daughter. 
I wouldn't want to be the blogger who will contribute to the demise of this meme so in the attempt of keeping this going, here are my questions to pass on to the following mommy bloggers:

Erlaine of Glamma Momma
Leslie of Got To Believe
Jeng of J.J.J.
May of Cheeky-Momsy
Irene of Nanay Irene
(Sorry I'm breaking the rules now because I don't want to tag those that have been tagged earlier already but you can all leave a comment if there's a question that you would want to answer. would really appreciate if you do!)

And my questions are:
-When did you start blogging?
-What's the story behind your blog?
-What time of the day do you prefer to write?
-White Chocolate? Or Dark Chocolate?
-If you're ever given the chance to live in a province here in the Philippines, which province would that be?
-What's makes a great weekend for you?
-Sunrise? or Sunset?
-Are you a breakfast person?
-How long do you usually stay online in a day?
-Have you tried joining the lottery? Did you ever win?
-Is there any particular skill that you would still want to learn right now?

And while I was finishing this post up, I got tagged by 2 more mommy blogger cyberfriends (but I'm meeting them soon! excited!). Thanks too for the tag, Maggie and Em!

From Maggie:
1. If you have a slogan for yourself what would it be?
The hands-on working momma. :)
2. What do you miss doing that you are not doing now?
All day TV/Movie marathons. (have to always wait for the kid to fall asleep now before we can watch TV shows/movies that we like)
3. What was the weirdest pregnancy or even non-pregnacy advice you received?
Can't remember anymore. Has it been that long? (lolz)
4. Shoes or bags?
Can I choose both? I can't make up my mind. Hahaha.
5. What is your number one “Supermom” ability?
6. What is the best advice about motherhood did you receive?
Follow your instinct.
7. Apart from home, where is the next best place for you?
Antique. My childhood home.
8. What’s your morning routine?
15 minutes of online time in bed. Get up and comb hair. Make coffee. Fix breakfast.
9. What do you think your child will tell you after reading your blog ten years from now?
Mom, you don't have to beat yourself up that hard.
10. What is your favorite dessert?
Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese topping.
11. Why blog?
Because it keeps me sane. It provides me the outlet to vent out my feelings and to somehow organize my thoughts and emotions.

From Em:
1. Name a book you would read over and over again?
Catcher in the rye (because that's the only book that i've read for more than 3 times i think)
2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
6 pairs. (and you ask, am i a girl?)
3. What chore do you absolutely love doing?
4. What personality trait/s do you dislike in other people?
Dishonesty. And selfishness.
5. What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
Missing curfew (in college, our dorm had a curfew) and having to climb the gate to get in. I almost got my thighs barbecued because the gate had blunt edges.
6. If you have an extra hour today, how would you pass the time?
Finish that photobook layout because my coupon is expiring soon.
7. Flats or Heels? Why?
Heels. I stand 4 feet 10 inches (my OB even disagrees - it's just 9 inches she says) and yet I'd still go for flats. Comfort is my style.
8. If you could go back to any age for a day, what age would that be and why?
The hippie generation. Flower power!
9. What is one job you think you’d be absolutely terrible at?
Housekeeping. Organizing. 
10.What is your favorite film of all time? Just one. The Neverending story. 
11.In five words or less, how do you want your readers to perceive you? Straightforward. Open. Learning. Improving.

Whew! That was quite a lengthy Q & A but I had fun answering them. I hope one of the mommy bloggers I tagged would respond :)

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Em Tiquio said...

Thank you for taking the time to answer my silly questions, Faye :)

Hope you guys had a wonderful Trick or Treat!

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