Sunday, October 14, 2012

Run, Maia, Run!

You ran your first race yesterday. Did you have a blast? I honestly think you did even if you didn't run the entire course. Had you not gone bored the first hour that we have been waiting for gunstart, you would probably have not wasted half your energy warming up with your dad. That was a headstart of about 500 meters for you and in retrospect, 1km on itself does seem like a tough distance already. 

I was bent on achieving a milestone myself yesterday. Admittedly, stage mothering took second priority yesterday as I tried my best to prep myself up for my goal realization. I forgot to take photos of you. Documentation was the least of my priorities. I just wanted to get that sub-1 that I have long been wanting to achieve. You see, dad and I have decided to push through with our full marathon training. And we're supposed to take things seriously now. All things related to running that is. And to me that sub-1 matters a lot because that will somehow validate my claim that I AM READY. 

Several lessons were learned yesterday though, albeit rather painfully. One - I should never, ever aim for a PR when racing in a low-budgeted fun run aimed just for (yes pun intended) FUN because a lot of factors can get in the way and you most likely would start racing not on your optimal form. So really, it's a lost cause to begin with. Two - when you are encouraging your kid to think of pursuing a certain activity the best thing to do for you is just focus your energy on him/her. The mere fact that she took on your challenge should be enough for her to deserve your full attention. This was the part I really regretted the most. I should have looked after you myself.

But well, at least, I did manage to hold your hand at the first few meters. You kept pushing to get me and daddy to run alongside you despite our firm hesitation initially. We were really stubborn at first choosing to (unfairly) force you to gather up the guts to run without us amongst the company of kids majority of whom were double your size. I should have knelt to level with you and looked at the current environment from that perspective. I would have understood your overwhelming emotions then. 

Oh well good news for me as there's always a next time for things like this, my little miss. An opportunity for redemption is still very possible. And I am giving you my word now that the minute that comes, you can count that we'd be 100% present for you then. 

You are one brave, headstrong and determined little girl, Maia. I look forward to witnessing the many adventures that you will take on soon! And great job for reaching the finish line!

you always, always never fail to make my heart swell with pride.

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Maggie said...

Good job Maia! :)

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