Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Snaps # 40 - Carousels, Swings and Making Friends

Lazy weekends are never complete without a visit to the playground. We skipped our palengke date on Saturday and brought the kid to the pocket park instead. What we planned to be a short stay extended to almost 2 hours.

She made a new friend without our prodding. Of course they had to warm up at first. But it didn't take long before they started playing tag, balance-balance, invading the slides. When we left the park, they were hand in hand already! She even asked E where her house is. My shy little miss finally coming out of her shell? Oh I hope so. And they also met again later that day at the pool and she proudly introduced her new friend E to her Ate Inday. 

And we witnessed 2 milestones this weekend.

On Saturday, the little miss rode the swing on her own for about 10 minutes (well...technically by not sitting on our laps. But the daddy was standing right behind her all along). Moments like that always pinches my heart a bit. But no matter how briefly, they always render me mystified by the thought. I am a mother to this amazing  kid. Yes, motherhood is rather overrated on my part of the world. But every time I get this sudden burst of overwhelming emotions like this one, I just can't help but silently throw my relentless thank yous to God for gifting me with this kid. 

Then Sunday we finally had to make this mall trip that we had been delaying for months now. We are not fond of weekend mall trips and are seriously scared of the mall mob (lol). But we had to do this errand now. So we planned to go first thing in the morning and it turned out to be a good strategy because there were barely any people yet when we got to the mall come opening time and the kid still had enough energy to walk almost the entire time that we were inside the mall. A carousel ride was never part of our itinerary since we wanted to leave before lunch time hits (that's when we expect the mob formation to begin) but the minute she saw us approaching the carousel area she just wouldn't take NO for an answer. And you know how persistent they can get. So we said yes but with the condition that she rides it alone. Although unexpectedly, she bravely said YES! 

lining up to get in and about to hand her ticket to kuya operator

The daddy kept shouting "don't let go. hold tight!" but eventually relaxed to enjoy listening to the little miss's squeals and wave back to the repeated "Hi's and Hello's". And when she came down, she was beaming from ear to ear. Ako lang ang walang kasama no, Mommy? Kasi big girl na ako eh.

You're only turning 4 next week, little girl. Wag magmadali. Please.


Em Tiquio said...

Advance Happy birthday, Ate Maia!

Maggie said...

Advance Happy birthday to Maia! And congratulations for being an independent carousel rider! :)

Faye Paras said...

thank you for the advance greetings Maggie! hope your little jedi is feeling better now! :)

Faye Paras said...

thank you for the advance greetings Akira! Maia still owes you a card! Basta expect one soon :D

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